Transform Your PC – Guidelines For Choosing The Best Computer Case

Computer case is a bewildering world of motherboards, cables and drive bays. The traditional computer cases have come a long way from the mundane black or grey cases. Ever since the advent of revolutionary change in the aesthetics of the computer box cases, the demand for entirely new looking cases has increased.

There are many places where you can go wrong while choosing the PC case. You need to understand the basics of the case. Knowing the fundamentals of what it does, it’s working and features will help you to make a good choice.

One should look for some basic things which are given below:

Size and Shape

Computer cases come in a variety of sizes. The entire range is divided into three main slots, namely mini towers, mid towers, and full towers. These sizes usually refer to the holding capacity of the case, the size of motherboard it can accommodate and the number of drive bays it has.


Knowing the kind of motherboard is extremely useful. It is the most important component of the computer case. The three most commonly types of motherboard are ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ATX. If the size is not in agreement with the size of the motherboard, accommodating motherboard will be difficult and dangerous for the system.

Drive Bays

There are basically three types of drive bays supported by the cases, 5.25 inch, 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch.

• 5.25 inch is utilized for an optical drive like a DVD or Blu-ray disc drive. It is also used for some additional hardware like audio controllers, fans, etc.
• 3.5 inch is used for floppy disks and card readers.
• 2.5 inch is designed for naked SSDs and small hard drives
The larger the case, larger is the number of bays it offers.

Tool free or not

Gone are the days when people used to carry around screwdrivers. As the technology advances tool free computer case has now become common. Tool free cases are extremely simple to assemble and useful for first time builders.

Usually the drive bays are tool free. They use the twist on brackets instead of screwdrivers. These new tool free mounting schemes require less manual work in the assembling process.

Built-in Power Supply

If you go for a cheaper case with built-in power supplies, then beware that the supply might be inefficient and dangerous. This deal is good only when the company s reliable. You need to spend money and buy branded case if you are looking for extra peace of mind with this great option of the built-in power supply.


Any system’s performance is greatly influenced by how fast and well it cools. All the cases come with different kinds of fans and in different numbers. Keep in mind that smaller the fan, the greater noise it will make. To keep your working surroundings noise free, computer cases come with the soundproof material.

If sound proof computer case is not under your budget, then the best method is to have larger fans which operate at a slow pace. This does cooling efficiently without generating large noise.


Technically this aspect is of no great importance, but indeed personal choices are great in this sphere of technology. Whether you want it to be shiny or plain, big or small, well illuminated or not?


The computer case can alone make a normal computer better, attractive and praiseworthy. These considerations greatly affect the choice of a computer case. Selecting the right model from the sea of choices available will become an easy task by keeping these minor guidelines in mind. The right choice can make your experience noteworthy.

February 21, 2017

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What Does The Techni Mobili L-Shaped Glass Computer Desk Has To Offer?

The following is a Techni Mobili L-shaped glass computer desk review that is specifically designed for those individuals who may be in the lookout of the ideal office desk. To begin with, this is an exquisitely designed and highly versatile desk that has the unmatched capability of becoming the main focal point of any office. It offers space that you can be able to conveniently customize in accordance to your exact needs as well as preferences.

This definitely means that it is an excellent position of accommodating not only your computer, but also critical peripherals such as a printer, scanner, telephone, fax and even desk lamp. This desk also comes with a separate caddy that can provide optimal cooling and the necessary protection to your CPU quite simply by been able to elevate it from the floor. Let us now take a closer look at some of the most notable features of the Techni Mobili glass computer desk.

L-shaped design

This product integrates a space saving L-shape that enables it to be adapted to an open floor plan or if necessary, tucked away into a corner. In essence, this desk consists of one long side along with one shorter one. Both of which can be conveniently interchanged to it your distinct inclinations and the available space in the room you use as an office. What this all really means is that the shorter side can be affixed on either the right side or left side of the long one. This in the long run will allow you to easily integrate this desk into virtually any office arrangement you may have in mind.

Steel frame and glass desktop

The Techni Mobili L-shaped glass computer desk comes with an extremely sturdy and scratch resistant frame that has been crafted from steel. This exceptional frame is further reinforced by heavy-duty panels that have been crafted from engineered wood. Along with a moisture resistant PCV and laminate veneer materials. On the other hand, the desktop of this product is crafted from heavy-duty eight mm safety glass that integrates a remarkably smooth finish. The latter of which can be effortlessly cleaned and polished whenever you feel the need to do so. The entire computer desk stands on rubber stoppers that are meant to prevent it from sliding on the floor

Attached slide out keyboard shelf

This one of a kind desk has an attached slide out keyboard shelf that, like the wooden panels supporting the frame, is crafted from engineered wood. This shelf also comes with a handy safety stop that prevents it the likelihood of its detaching itself and falling off the desk.

Weight capacity

Finally, the Techni Mobili computer desk integrates an amazing lightness that facilitates for optimal mobility and portability. Most especially when it comes to effecting the right office arrangement that may interest you. At the same time, the maximum desktop capacity stands at 80 lbs, while that of the keyboard shelf stands at 30 lbs. This means you can be able to load both with a substantial number of devices without having to worry that they will cave in. Hope this review has been insightful.

September 29, 2016

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