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JustAnEngineer wrote:The DVI ports on that Radeon card should provide audio if you use the included DVI to HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable. It worked that way with the Radeon HD5850 and the Radeon HD4870. Apparently, this has been included in all Radeons from the HD2xxx series onward. It's listed on AMD's features page for the Radeon HD6950:For my HTPC/DVR I believe that I may be using Realtek HDMI audio drivers rather than the ones that installed by default. There was something about 5.1 vs. stereo in certain applications.

While there is utility there the added cost to truly realize the gaming potential of my machine is a bit of a let down. What I mean to say is if I want to play BF3 on either setup as i will inevitably I'll be at a loss for performance. Were games not a concern I would definitely just run two cards.

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does display port Nike Air Huarache Ultra Mens

Unique multi monitor setup

Hey all. I recently got a modern Home Theater setup and have run a HDMI, ethernet, and USB cable from my computer through the wall and into the receiver. I enjoyed playing BF3 on a 60" 1080P plasma with 7.1 this past weekend and it was awesome.

Oh, I had no idea this changes everything. I was inbetween doing a 6950 or 570. I'm now leaning towards a 6950. Can windows put out to two audio sources at once. I want it to put out to my two stereos simultaneously then for me to plug in my headphones and it swaps to that exclusively.

Its not just about supporting monitors but also putting out HD audio to two different recievers. this is why I'm inclined to use an HDMI cable with a splitter then the total GPU load will only be 3 monitors and I'm not bound to the AMD brand for life. Unless display port or DVI puts out HD audio my options are pretty much limited to splitting a single HDMI out so I can provide audio to both sources. I will inquire about splitters on AVSforum but I'm still not totally sold on that solution due to potential white noise.

JustAnEngineer wrote:Here's a Radeon HD6950 2GB that supports up to six monitors simultaneously for $290 20MIR:The first two monitors can be DVI or HDMI, but monitors three through six will need to use DisplayPort. You may need an active DisplayPort to DVI adapter. See the recent Eyefinity discussion in this other thread:

Usacomp2k3 wrote:The easiest way would be to get a 3rd monitor that is 1080p. Then set that as your primary. Get an external 1 >2 HDMI adapter Huaraches Black And White And Grey

SpeedyVV wrote:Personally I would just add a 2nd Card.

You did not say if your mobo has 2 pcie slots.

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The issue I have is that my desk has two 24" monitors and I have a 460 and it only puts out 2 video signals at a time(so I have to do a fun dance in the windows 7 res screen to get the plasma up and running ever time), and I was going to get 1 more monitor for my desk adding to the trouble. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU and would basically need a GPU that supports 4 monitors, 3 as extended desktop and one clone(the plasma) of my main display. What mid high end GPU should I be considering? As far as I know no sub 400 dollar Nvidia offering supports Huarache Shoes For Girls

BTW, I am not talking about SLI. Just another card that will give you 4 ports.

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I ran a GTX 460 and a 9800 GT for a while and it did 3 monitors + 1 1080p LCD really well.

and mirror that way. When you want to use the TV, just windows+P and hit single monitor ('Disconnect projector"). When you're at your desk, hit windows+P and "Extend".

Ok sorry for such a contrived and intricate question.

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Other related question is that I plan to get a similar but dramatically cheaper Home theater audio setup for my desk since its cheaper than getting a decent 7.1 pc system. As such I would need 2 HDMI outputs(would a splitter better serve this function?) to send true 7.1 to my system my question is will any GPU send out two audio sources over the different HDMI ports? or would there be a limitation to one HDMI audio out? Seeing as I don't see any GPU with dual HDMI outs. What about using the display ports do those carry a 7.1 signal? could I use an adapter without sacrificing too Air Huarache History much quality?

cary the same quality of audio as HDMI? Splitting the HDMI cable does sound the easiest way to resolve my sound and display constraint issues the only problem after that is potentially audio degradation, or white noise. Seems to be a problem that pops up over and over again in spliter reviews. If I use the splitter I potentially could circumvent the requirement of a radeon card(as I would only be running 3 monitors from the perspective of the GPU so a 570 or above would be a possibility). I'm looking at the 6950, perhaps crossfire for that not sure how my cash flow will be as I move towards this acquisition.

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Air Huarache History

Air Huarache History

Air Huarache History

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Air Huarache History

That is my main concern, comboing a mirror with a tripple monitor array. making my main monitor a HDMI port, I could split that and that would resolve all my problems functionally but would also potentially sacrifice allot of quality. The split video/audio could then run through the respected receiver and to the respected monitor in each room.

pikaporeon wrote:I know most new Radeons are built for multimonitor (3+) with their Eyefinity technology, which will without fail support your three monitors extended (and even allow you to game across all three) but I'm unsure how they'd do with the fourth monitor / tv

more than 3 monitors, is this true? How would an AMD handle this arrangement? I've never used an AMD with a multi monitor setup.

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