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Over the past year demand for services from the community has increased. That demand has seen the United Way board of directors pay particular attention to certain community priorities.

"To see the people of London and Middlesex step up the way they have is an inspiring thing to see," Mr. Lockie says. "Yeah I suppose a bit of a sigh of relief, but really what I am feeling is tremendously happy that the people of London and Middlesex came together to make this happen. We needed the London community to step up and they did."

"In the past it was a great event and everyone loved coming to it, but it was in the evening during the week and kids weren't able to come to it. We wanted to be an organization that is about the community, where we could bring families and individuals together, so we did it here," Mr. Lockie says. "It is a huge success. If you look around you see hundreds of people, Nike Air Huarache Original

Air Huarache Men

Recreation for children. For families who have experienced unemployment over the past year, many children may no longer be able to take part in sports, recreation and camping experiences. United Ways investments in the Boys' and Girls' Club, Stevenson Camp and Scouts Canada provide opportunities for all children to continue to participate in these important activities.

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Counselling and mental health programs. Organizations that provide subsidized counselling for individuals dealing with mental health issues saw a significant growth in need. Programs through Family Service Thames Valley and Daya Counselling Centre will help to ensure that local residents have access to these services when they need them. Programming through the Canadian Mental Health Association also helps to Air Huarache Men make mental health education programs available to individuals and their families on issues such as depression.

are just amazed by the generosity of our community," says Chirag Shah, 2009 campaign chairman. "With the economic decline, and with many people out of work in our community, we really didn't know what to expect."

lots of kids, it is a celebration of the whole community, not just one part of it."

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Air Huarache Men

This year, in a departure from past events, the wrap up and announcement was designed to include the community the United Way serves, by hosting a midday event on the weekend at the Covent Garden Market.

United Way thrilled

Responding to violence in the home and in our community. United Way's investments in programs delivered through Women's Rural Resource Centre, in Strathroy, Changing Ways and the Sexual Assault Centre ensure that children, couples, families and young women who have experienced violence are able to receive the support they need to heal.

For the ninth straight year, the United Way of London and Middlesex has achieved its campaign goal, which this year was $7.4 million. In fact, it was surpassed that goal with a total contribution of $7,685,778, a $334,358 increase from the previous year.

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Air Huarache Men

"We Air Huarache Pink

In one of the most challenging economies since the Great Depression, the United Way of London and Middlesex was still in the forefront of the minds of Londoners as they help the agency beat its fundraising target.

Crisis supports and basic needs. In a year when people are experiencing more stress and uncertainty, the London and District Distress Centre has provided a much needed, anonymous support service run entirely by volunteers. Nike Air Huarache White Womens

Andrew Lockie, chief executive officer of United Way of London and Middlesex, was equally thrilled by the generosity of Londoners.

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Accessing government benefits. An increased investment to the London Employment Help Centre will allow individuals who are entitled to access benefits from government programs such as Employment Insurance and Ontario Works. In 2008 09, $14,155,386 was accessed on behalf of residents of our community.

Four neighbourhood resource centres in London Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre, Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre, LUSO Community Services and South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre all provide critical supports related to basic needs and programming for local residents.

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Air Huarache Men

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