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The wreck house area has become famous for its high winds that have been known to blow railway train cars off their narrow gauge tracks. It was the task of Lockland "Lockie" MacDougall, who lived there and had an uncanny sense of the weather, to warn the trainmen about oncoming winds. Lockie was a farmer and trapper and performed this service for thirty years. He became known as the "human wind gauge" and his home became known as "Wreckhouse". The hazardous winds continue and in more recent years have blown unsuspecting transport truck drivers off the highway.

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people is the weather, a habit picked up from a seafaring heritage. "Nice day" (or not) is often a form of greeting, and used in place of "Hello". The subject of weather is paramount because the maritime climatic influence here is so amazing it is said that if you wait four hours the weather changes! And at times you may have four seasons in one day!

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Air Huarache Persian Violet

thirteen days in Port aux Basques harbour mapping and charting the area.

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Lying near the left entrance to Port aux Basques harbour is "Aaren's Passage" which provides another safe anchorage. The passage is bound by the south side of the first of the two islands forming the sprawling peninsula on this south west corner, and by a chain of small islands Air Huarache Green

Unique weather and strange names

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The climate brings a lot of rain in summer and snow in winter. Great humidity produces thick, low lying fog, and there is more cloud than sunshine. The first topic of conversation among the local Nike Huarache Gray Cleats

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"Le Basses" is another early name that appears on an old map that has no date but carries the title "Plan Basque". The place name "Port aux Basque" is first found on an early map drawn in 1612 by the famous French explorer to North America, Samuel de Champlain, and is seen again on Jacobscz' map of 1621. The spelling in French for the English word "of" appears in the records as "au" or "aux". The harbour is formed by the east side of the second of the two islands forming the sprawling peninsula on this south west corner, and by the south side of the larger body of land from which it was detached by a narrow neck. The neck is now filled in and a paved road leading to the south coast communities runs over it, namely Route 470.

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The climate of Channel and Port aux Basques is normally cool. Stiff breezes continually blow in from the wild and often frigid North Atlantic Ocean. It is also affected by the northern Labrador currents that flow through the Gulf of St. Lawrence between the Island and mainland Canada. In addition, a high ridge of mountain ranges, which are part of the Appalachian shield, prevents the interior land heat from reaching the coastal towns. The unique tunnel formation on this end of the mountain ranges is the cause for extremely high winds of hurricane force on a regular basis year round.

and reef rocks running parallel to it. This early name for the passage appears on Captain James Cook's chart made during his survey in 1766 when he spent Air Huarache Lowrider

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Air Huarache Persian Violet

Air Huarache Persian Violet

The south western side of "Terre Neufe" the new land would become known on early navigational charts as "La Cote des Basques" the Basque Coast. The Basques whalers and Channel Island fishermen from Europe were the first to use the waters of Air Huarache Persian Violet the Gulf of St. Lawrence which they called "Le Grand Baye". They entered the Gulf through the northern sea lane now known as the Strait of Belle Isle. Those Europeans fished here long before 1534 when the famous French navigator, Jacques Cartier made his voyage of exploration and proved that the new found land was in fact an island. That discovery gave the fishermen a new route and a shorter journey to their whaling stations and fishing grounds in the Gulf. The Basque vessels now came along the south coast of the great island. They would meet in a snug harbour on the southwest corner before rounding Cape Ray to head north.

In the Basque language "Sascot Portu" was the rendezvous harbour. The name is found on a map produced in 1689 by a fisherman named Pierres Detcheverry alias Dorre. Selma Barkham's research tells us that before this the first mariners sailing to the waters of the new land came without any pilot books or sailing directions but knew every cove and anchorage on the island's west coast from memory. They passed that information on from one sailor to another and they gradually assigned place names to the more popular sites.

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