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Urgent plea for more organ donors to help save lives From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

The figures have been revealed Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra - Women's

Air Huarache Red Women's

There are 111 people in the district on the waiting list with the majority of those waiting for a kidney or a liver.

"Bradford has a high population of BME patients who require transpants, however, we have very few donors from BME backgrounds.

only days after the Telegraph Argus reported that Bradford mother of four, Lisa Brown, had to pay 27,000 for a lung Nike Huarache Ultra White Men

Air Huarache Red Women's

"We require BME donors, especially kidneys because the best possible matches for BME patients are from their own ethnic background.

Air Huarache Red Women's

Air Huarache Red Women's

Specialists are particularly urging those from black and ethnic minorities (BME) to sign up to try to help those on the waiting list of which 73 cases are active and 38 are temporarily removed from the Nike Huarache Black White Gold

operation to ease her emphysema and still does not know if she is classed as ill enough for a lung transplant that she fears she could die waiting for.

Air Huarache Red Women's

"But actually Islamic faith leaders have said it's a good thing to do so it is good from the religious perspective to have the Air Huarache Red Women's backing from religious leaders.

Air Huarache Red Women's

list because they are too ill to undergo the operation.

Air Huarache Red Women's

Air Huarache Red Women's

There were 376 transplants in Bradford from 2009/10 to the current date, including 84 kidney transplants, less than 15 lung operations and 30 liver transplants.

Air Huarache Red Women's

Air Huarache Red Women's

"What we find is that although it is becoming more and more talked about something we would like to get people in all communities to talk about organ donation and the benefits of it and why it is important to donate.

"For those patients who have already died or are going to die, nothing will change the outcome, but they can save other people's lives and it's a personal choice and a choice that everybody has to make.

An urgent call has been made for more people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register after figures reveal that 18 Bradford patients have died in the past four years while waiting for a transplant.

Three people die each day in the UK waiting for an organ with 10,00 people nationally needing a transplant.

Air Huarache Red Women's

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