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Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

Understanding the culture of Chinese property buyers

Here's a word of advice: this can backfire. When Chinese buyers find out this was the case, and that they're being played, that will end of Huarache Ultra Black White

Before the rise of Communism, which started in 1949, many Chinese owned their own property, whether that was a factory, a farm, shop or house. Of course, once Communism was established this changed and everything was shared.

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

But if they find that you're reasonable, honest, polite and friendly then not only will they go back to you for more business Nike Air Huarache Obsidian Blue

people like to bargain, regardless of we are rich or poor. This is how most people buy things in China Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker even if we can afford something we still bargain for it.

When it comes to the Australian property market, of course vendors can factor in the Chinese buyers' love of bargaining by inflating the sale price.

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

However, the dream and ideal of property ownership is deeply established in their minds. So when Chinese people are buying property it is not because they are following a trend or because the market is ripe; it is a tradition.

Historically, Chinese people like to own property. There is a cultural attitude towards owning your own, not borrowing or leasing it.

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

In Chinese culture, value relationships are placed ahead of everything else

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

The number of Chinese people buying Australian properties has grown. At the same time, some agents, brokers, vendors and bankers are expressing frustration at what is seen as their crazy behaviour.

but they will also recommend you to their friends and family as well.

There are two reasons for this. If you buy something and didn't bargain for it you would be seen as foolish. But also, if you get a good bargain, you "win face" in Chinese culture and face is more important than saving money.

But dig a little deeper and you will start to understand that there are historic and cultural reasons behind this behaviour.

Of course it's true that we Chinese Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Women's Shoe

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

They see Chinese people paying what are often seen as inflated prices, as well as arguing, jumping around and bargaining hard in a bid to buy a property.

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

Indeed, relationships are sometimes worth more than money and if the relationship is good, Chinese buyers may even be happy to pay a little bit more.

the relationship. They will never go back to you.

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

It no secret that Chinese buyers sometimes behave differently to Australian buyers in the property market.

Air Huarache Run Prm Sneaker

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