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What does this post have to do with the fact that Rob Ford ignores all the rules just because it suits him? He breaches conflict of interest rules saying he shouldn be held accountable because he doesn bother to read them. In this case, he ignored the very emergency response plan that was designed to handle this type of incident. These plans are designed for a reason, and first and foremost take human safety and security as the primary concern. Ford ignored it, then blamed his ignorance saying the police told him to advise the public. First off the police would never do that. Second the police 100% said they never gave Ford any such advice. He has shown nothing but complete contempt for the office he holds, and shows us everything a leader should NOT do.

August 15, 680 News:"But police spokesperson Victor Kwong countered Ford's version of events.

It enough! We can tolerate any more.

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As bad as Rob Ford is, these are issues created by most probably a U member, and now of course they are going to exploit the situation and manipulate the story to the fullest. If nothing was said and something happened, then Rob would be blamed for not saying anything. people should have been told so that they do not come close, and now so many are dead, etc., etc.

"It is not acceptable for policies governing employee health and safety to be infected by the same flagrant and casual disregard for the rules that seem to be a way of life in some quarters of city hall these days," said Maguire in a press release.

3. A reasonable Union need for hard working labors and employees who work hard and get small amount of income without any benefits.

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August 11, 680 News:"Toronto police spokesman Const. David Hopkinson said officers were sent to the building after city hall security informed them of the threat in the morning. Police earlier said they were first notified Sunday night."

union filing grievance over Ford

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"Those officers were asked by their supervisors and their recollection Nike Huarache Black And White Ultra

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CUPE Local 79 is filing a grievance over Ford's handling of the incident.

They use their position to get into the news, and many of the puppets believe and follow them so that they can line their pockets. This is what is bringing the City down. Over paid, lazy U members!

"I take my orders, obviously, from the police. And they told me what to do and I did exactly what they said, he told reporters.

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of interest rules. The fact he said the police told him Air Huarache Run Ultra Black White to do it and then the police say they said no such thing only shows his incompetence further.

Uhm you mixing Huaraches White

public sector and union. There public servants who are not unionized, mostly management, there are a lot of private sector unionized workers. Your ignorance leads me to believe that either you really hard on yourself and you union staff or unemployed or you point is completely invalid. I seen cab drivers who can drive well. I seen retail workers who don know their products and are rude for no reason.

What do you mean by to at least I guessing that means equal to. What do you mean by lazy worker? I say anyone who uses a drive through is pretty lazy. Or was that a blanket generalization? Mafias are banned. Being a member of organized criminal organizations is against the law. If you can prove a particular union is related to or part of organized crime, please present your evidence to various police services. Point 3 is unintelligible. Any group of workers can unionize. Are you suggesting that the government create unions where non exist and force people to be part of them?

differs," Kwong said."

First of all all, the corrupted systems should be end or reformed in order to respect and satisfy the sincere, loyal, honest and obedient ordinary tax payers of this country.

Does the police know what they are doing?? Are they more trust worthy than Ford??

Toronto has a serious revenue problem brought on by decades of fearful politicians who can deal with the fact that as the city grows and infrastructure (of which there is a lot) ages we need to keep it maintained. The city needs more money. Please read the report from the UofT earlier this week. Revenue has gone down vs. inflation while spending has kept even. It doesn help when agreed upon plans after years of negotiating are ripped up because of ignorance and more expensive and less effective plans are put in their place. The only question about Rob Ford is which is more severe, his wide sweeping ignorance or his chronic dishonesty? We need a way to raise taxes to regional norms and then some to play catch up without shocking the system.

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"Those officers were asked by their supervisors and their recollection differs," Kwong said.

Mayor Rob Ford says he handled Monday's bomb threat according to police instructions, but police and the union representing city hall employees are not so sure.

Any kid that buys a stick of gum is a tax payer, which drops their average wage a fair bit. Also, why are you such haters. Why do you see someone with a better lot and think tear down their house rather than aspire to have a house just as nice? Just because the average cab driver makes under $5/hr doesn mean we should all head to the coal mines without safety regulations. It means cab drivers should have higher wages and then you actually attract people who know how to drive well. No sane person would work those jobs if they had a choice. Also, if you think you make more when working for the government, why don you? Isn that what capitalism is all about, making the decisions that make the most money for you?

All the Dramas with tax payers hard earned money should be end.

But police spokesperson Victor Kwong countered Ford's version of events.

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You obviously have a prejudice against unions but you fail to see the issue. Notifying staff has nothing to do with notifying the entire city, especially while the bomb was supposedly still in play. What good is it to cause that panic and attract more attention to the source of the danger? That is why there is a response plan that is designed to handle these situations. Ford probably didn read it along with the conflict Nike Air Huarache Bright Mango

Ford told reporters he was acting under the instructions of security staff and police.

handled it the best way we could," he said.

The union will also ask the Ministry of Labour to investigate and help members file individual grievances if they choose.

Ford says he talked to police, who advised him to talk to the media.

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