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How come the extra lane added to the M1 between the local junctions has solved the peak time congestion that had existed years? According to your theory it couldn't.

stretch of the M25.

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Pam Pindar, managing director of international payroll services provider PBS (UK) Ltd, in Friar Lane, said the A453 had been "in dire need" of widening for years.

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Plans to widen the A453 to two lanes went to a public inquiry but were shelved last year as part of the Government's spending review.

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Air Huarache Run Ultra Br

Trevor Fletcher, managing director of transport technology business the Hardstaff Group in Kingston on Soar, said: "I wouldn't want to add up all the wasted fuel and wasted hours caused by the A453. We've got a fantastic airport and a fantastic motorway but the A453 is a major problem."

How is the lorry driver with 30 tons of bricks, the plumber with all his tools, the salesman with his samples etc. etc. going to be helped by a tram? We are not talking a commuter route here we are talking about essential business traffic going in and out of the city, the vast majority driving a car or lorry for a very valid reason.

"I always find it easier to go up to junction 25 from West Bridgford and double back on myself rather than risk using the A453," he said.

up A453 is now slowest main road in UK

also tell our clients to use Junction 25 of the M1 and access Nottingham by that route," he said.

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This is 43 per cent slower than it was five years earlier.

"There is one very big employer who has talked about million of investment that has gone elsewhere."

"The time spent in traffic jams is a drain on the economy and could be more productively spent."

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The congestion league table for July 2010, the latest figures available, has the outbound route of the A453 at the slowest in the country with average journeys taking 2.8 minutes per mile.

Russell Brazier, managing director of interior design consultancy RMB Projects Ltd, in Huntingdon Street, said the A453 was an extremely poor access road and agreed Nottingham was suffering because of it. "Our company vehicles generally tend to avoid using it like the plague and as a matter of course we Nike Huarache Gray And Black

to kick start the million widening scheme, and it is hoped a decision will be made in the near future.

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Notts County Council has recently made an offer to the Government to pay million Air Huarache Basketball

"We know of large employers who have taken decisions on investment and it has gone elsewhere simply because of the A453.

Councillor Richard Jackson, cabinet member for transport and highways at the county council said: "Businesses rely on deliveries and getting stuff out in Air Huarache Run Ultra Br a reliable time and the A453 is really holding back expansion and new investment.

Last year it was revealed the A453 was the second most congested road in the country, after a Nike Huarache Gold Bronze

Business leaders are desperate for the project to get the go ahead.

John Dowson, policy officer at the Derbyshire and Notts Chamber of Commerce, said: "The fact it is the worst road in the country for delays at the peak period makes the case for the widening of the A453 as soon as possible.

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