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for the university.

Students at the University of Nike Huarache Men Red

Senior academics at Nottingham say the present system is outdated and that Huaraches Black And Red

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"The whole climate has changed in the UK over the last few years and the majority of students are getting firsts or 2:1 degrees. It is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to distinguish between them.

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Personally, I am sufficiently confident in my own cultural identity that I am not even slightly bothered by what grading system is used by universities. If it helps British graduates get jobs on the global market, that is presumably good news for everyone apart from the littlest of little englanders.

Nottingham's campuses in China and Malaysia, however, have their honours given to them under the British degree classification.

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"We want our students to have the edge in a competitive market so any moves to make it easier for our students to be internationally mobile and employable should be encouraged. That said, we need to also be sure that moving to a GPA will be of benefit to all our students and that they won't be disadvantaged for having this different qualification in the domestic market."

Dr Greatrix said the university has been considering the switch over the last six months. The issue has already been discussed by the university's teaching and learning board and senate management committee.

University set to switch degree grades in pioneering shake

"GPA would make it easier to distinguish the top students from the good graduates."

Dr Greatrix said: "We often struggle to explain to our students at those campuses what it means to get a 2:1. In very large parts of the world GPA is what everyone understands our system at the moment is very archaic."

GPA is better at separating students' performance and would Air Huarache Run Ultra Trainer benefit graduates when it comes to applying for jobs.

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Dr Paul Greatrix, registrar at the university, said: "Any shift away from degree classification to GPA will be a very significant development Nike Air Huarache Id

Will Vickers, president of the university's Students' Union, said: "We welcome the decision by the university to set up a group to investigate the potential benefits of introducing the GPA at Nottingham, and we look forward to working with the university in doing this.

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Well, if it follows the US model, it will have a further significant figure such as 3.7 or 2.3, so will allow finer distinctions and remove the current arbitrary cliff edges between a 2:1 and a 2:2, for example.

The other institutions in the UK working with the university on the switch to GPA are the universities of Birmingham, Sheffield, Warwick and York, plus the London School of Economics and University College London.

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GPA is currently used by universities in countries across the world, including America, China and Malaysia.

Staff and students are currently being consulted on the proposal which, if approved, could be introduced from as early as the 2012 13 academic year.

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