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learn to live and adapt in this world and it so incredibly hard for him with all his Air Huarache Triple Black issues," mom Johanna Burke said. have an autism spectrum disorder. That about a 30 percent increase from two years ago.

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The Burkes hope the new figures from the CDC will lead to more awareness and resources for families affected by autism.

Rosanoff says parents should speak to their doctor right away if they have any concerns about their child development.

US autism rates surge

"We believe part of the increase in prevalence is due to better detection of autism.

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"That little boy has to get up every morning and Nike Huarache Blue

"That is simply too late," Rosanoff said.

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The report also highlights that autism is almost five times more common among boys than girls. And while the disorder can be diagnosed as early as age 2, most children aren diagnosed until age 4.

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Aidan was diagnosed at age 2.

According to the CDC report, the state of Alabama has the lowest prevalence of autism, with 1 in 175 children diagnosed with the disorder. New Jersey has the highest prevalence with 1 in 45 Nike Air Huarache Junior Royal Blue

children diagnosed with autism. But the disparity could be due to different reporting methods used by each state.

"By a year and a half he was not speaking. He had never called me ma. He had never said mama, never said dada. He had no words whatsoever and I knew that something was wrong," Johanna Burke said.

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earlier we can get intervention to that child and the better chance they have," Rosanoff said.

"The earlier we can diagnose autism, the Nike Air Huarache For Men

Air Huarache Triple Black

Air Huarache Triple Black

Air Huarache Triple Black

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