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Mr Balls said: "GMP are being put in an impossible position by a government which is imposing 20 per cent cuts in funding.

Mr Moody said: "These cuts are an absolute scandal and the government is firmly to blame.

Rob Irvine, editor, Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP.

The axing of nearly 3,000 jobs in Greater Manchester Police has been branded 'an absolute scandal' by union chiefs.

But shadow home secretary Ed Balls accused the coalition of 'reckless' cutting, while Jim Moody regional organiser for public sector union Unison said the move raised 'questions' about how well GMP could protect residents.

"It means the chief constable is faced with some extremely difficult decisions. I think the public will quite rightly ask questions about how the police can protect them now as individuals.

To bring the total up to the planned 1,377, the force is considering using a regulation which forces officers with 30 years' service to retire.

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"Most police officers cannot understand how you can cut services in this country and yet increase overseas aid. They cannot understand how they will be able to deliver the services to the public they currently do.

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Unions slam 'scandalous' axing of 3000 police jobs

The force confirmed it was to cut 2,944 posts 23 per cent of its workforce over the next four years. Some 1,567 will be civilian jobs shed through redundancies, while 1,377 will be police officer posts.

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The way the funding cuts are being phased means a large proportion of job losses will hit the force immediately. In the financial year 2011/12 alone, an estimated 52m must be saved. That means 400 civilian jobs will go by April 1 next year, with another 350 going later in the year. Police officer numbers are expected to reduce by 309 in 2011.

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The so called 'A19 clause' would allow the force to lose between 100 and 200 officers.

The report says that ring fenced grants for the force's 828 Police Community Support Officers will continue for at least another year.

Among the departments expected to be trimmed or even dismantled are human resources, finance, public relations, fleet vehicle maintenance, cleaning, IT and training.

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"These are not just efficiency savings. This means that front line services will be cut.

"Unless we can have discussions to change the position, I think compulsory redundancies are more and more likely."

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The report admits: "It is clear over the four year period there will need to be a reduction in frontline police officer numbers." It says service levels 'could deteriorate' due to reduced funding.

Chris Burrows, chairman of the Greater Manchester branch of the Police Federation, said: "Officers are in a state of shock and trauma. You have to lay the blame for this squarely at the door of central government.

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a service that has managed to reduce crime over a considerable period of time.

"Cuts of this order over three or four years will be horrendous.

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