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Those two embassies targeted in the Aug. 7, 1998, attacks were rebuilt as more heavily fortified structures away from populated areas where they would be less vulnerable to attack. Those embassies remain open, but the diplomatic missions in Rwanda and Burundi, small Nike Air Huarache Utility Safari

"So there was an al Qaida presence in Madagascar as recently as six years ago," Pham said.

Air Huarache Womens Black

Air Huarache Womens Black

That Darn Obama, he will do ANYTHING won't He!

countries which border Tanzania to the west, and the island nations of Madagascar and Mauritius were ordered closed. facilities in countries including Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Air Huarache Womens Black until Aug. 10. diplomatic posts in 19 cities, including the four in sub Saharan Africa, will be closed through the end of the week. embassies in sub Saharan Africa were closed. None of the four is known for high level terror threats. A State Department spokeswoman for Africa didn't respond to an email query. Embassy building that is less secure than newer embassies, such as those built far off the road in Tanzania and Kenya.

The expert, J. special operations forces.

How dare he do what I said he should have Huaraches Black And Grey

The nerve! Issuing travel warnings. Shutting down whole embassies. This is INSANE! HE is out of control.

Air Huarache Womens Black

Air Huarache Womens Black

Air Huarache Womens Black

At the end of President Barack Obama's trip to Africa in June and July, he and former President George W. Bush laid a wreath together at a memorial in Dar es Salaam for the victims of the bombing in Tanzania. State Department had already warned that Burundi could be hit by a terrorist attack because it has deployed troops to Somalia to fight al Shabab, an armed Islamist extremist group allied with al Qaida. interests.

a dozen of those killed died in Tanzania.

Air Huarache Womens Black

Air Huarache Womens Black

Even though ever since Benghazi all I have said is that he should have shut down the embassies due to potential threats, now that he is actually doing that, I will say he is SO WRONG!

Embassy in downtown Nairobi, Kenya. The embassy was replaced by a memorial garden in honor of the victims of the Aug. 7, 1998, bombing which killed 213 people there. Wednesday will mark 15 years since that explosion. embassy closures list on Sunday. State Department closed its embassies in four sub Saharan African nations as part of a heightened security alert, days before the 15th anniversary of al Qaida's bombings of American diplomatic missions in Kenya and Tanzania.

Air Huarache Womens Black

done last time. It's ridiculous! He is causing the foundations of our once great country to crumble beyond repair with all the shenanigans. What is doing, trying to distract from the Monica Lewisnky affair?

In July 2010, militants from al Shabab detonated near simultaneous blasts in Uganda's capital as crowds watched the World Cup soccer final on TV screens, killing more than 70 people. Al Shabab said the attack was in retaliation for Uganda's sending of troops to Somalia to fight the militant group.

As for Mauritius, it is an offshore location for "all sorts of financing activities" in a loosely regulated atmosphere, Pham said, which could be used for nefarious activities. military uses as a military base, including for operations in Afghanistan and formerly in Iraq, he said. Embassy in Nairobi will stand beside Kenyan colleagues who were wounded in the devastating simultaneous truck bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. The attacks killed 224 people in total, mostly Kenyans, but also a dozen Americans. About Nike Air Huarache Ash Grey

US embassies in 4 African countries also closed

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Air Huarache Womens Black

Air Huarache Womens Black

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