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Huarache Junior

Needs to include the caveat 'as long as what you've got is working well for your uses.'

Huarache Junior

Then save your marbles for when you really want to upgrade. No one can reliably predict what the performance of future cards will be, nor whether they'll be great value for money. It could be that if you buy a 660Ti now, you find that the 700 series equivalent is like superawesome and you should've waited and woe is you. But as far as we know, it could also be that the 700 and Huarache Junior 8000 series get released with a collective 'meh' and 'oh well', and you would've had your fun with your 660Ti for several months already with 0 regrets, had you bought one.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a 660i, but haven't pulled the trigger since the 700 series might be coming relatively soon and will shake up current prices. I don't have any hard evidence, just my hunch from what i've read here and there. If you're ready to wait another 3 or 4 months i think you would be Huarache Ultra Br

3) Once you've seen your current graphics performance slow down at 1080p or higher resolutions, you'll feel more justification for upgrading to a more powerful GPU.

1) The graphics card that you have is good enough for now at the low resolution that you're using.

Unless Nvidia does something odd and launches the 700 series all the way down to the midrange though, expect to see midrange (GTX 760) in Q3 2013. So if you were Nike Air Huarache Aloha

Upgrade your graphics card after you get the new IPS LCD monitor. Nike Air Huarache High Top Black

Upgrade card now or wait for 700 series

2) Better, faster cheaper new stuff is always coming along (Radeon HD8000 series, GeForce GTX700 series, etc.) so the longer that you wait to upgrade your GPU, the better performance that you'll get for your money.

I can run most of those games at relatively high settings, but not with all the bells and whistles activated. I'll more than likely be upgrading to a 1080p monitor this year at some point, so I guess that's a factor to keep in mind.

JustAnEngineer wrote:anamericangod wrote:I'm using a GTX 460 SOC at 1680 x 1050.

to either get a higher res monitor or these games came out in the next month, it would be worth upgrading. The thing about the 'always wait' mantra (aside from the fact that there is always something new coming) is that it doesn't take into account the utility you get out of an upgrade in the meantime.

Huarache Junior

Huarache Junior

Wait till at least the PS4 and Xbox "Crap what do we call it" are officially announced at E3 this year as then you'll know what the new minimum requirements will be for a while.

I'll more than likely be upgrading to a 1080p monitor this year at some point, so I guess that's a factor to keep in mind.

Don't limit yourself to just 1920x1080. Consider 1920x1200, 2560x1440 and 2560x1600 monitors, too.

Huarache Junior

One of the nicest things about the nVidia 600 series is they finally did something about that ridonkulous power consumption, hopefully that will continue with the 700 series. But hey, if that's not the case the 600s will still get a price cut so everyone wins.

Huarache Junior

Huarache Junior

At this point we can only speculate, but if you could wait you would most likely get a better deal if not a better card.

nVidia video drivers FAIL, click for more info

Huarache Junior

Disclaimer: All answers and suggestions are provided by an enthusiastic amateur and are therefore without warranty either explicit or implicit. Basically you use my suggestions at your own risk.

I'm probably going to be getting a Dell U2412M which is 1920x1200. I appreciate the recommendations.

Seems like a fine card for that resolution, personally I'd wait until monitor upgrade to go card shopping. This isn't a great time to be buying a new video card as there's no new hotness driving down prices of previous generations and no massive holiday sales to keep the newer stuff competitive.

Huarache Junior

I can run most of those games at relatively high settings

able at the very least to know what the performance of the next gen will be like.

Huarache Junior

Right now I'm using a GTX 460 SOC at 1680 x 1050. I've managed to get by with what I've played, (Crysis 2, Black Ops 2, The Witcher 2) but I'm wondering if there is a current card available that's a decent deal and would give me a very noticeable boost. Upcoming games I'm interested in are Crysis 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Huarache Junior

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