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Reid said: "If we're going to change the direction of this country, it requires the hard work of us all. I've talked tonight about the power you have online, but each of use has power off line as well."

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Looking ahead to Iran and other national security challenges, Reid said: "We face many threats threats that have grown worse because this administration took its eye off the ball. We must address these threats, but we must never allow this Administration or any future Administration to manipulate or mislead for ideological or political reasons."

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Reid said, "We don't have a bully pulpit, but we do have you. We need you to be our megaphone . and, we believe Iraq is this President's war, and it's time for him not the president who follows, as President Bush has suggested to find a way to turn Iraq over to Iraqis, so our troops can begin to come home and America can refocus its attention on destroying Al Qaeda and addressing the threats that have grown on the Bush Administration's watch."

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Senate into an extraordinary closed session to force action on Phase 2, only three of the five parts of phase 2 are drawing nearer to completion. Key Administration officials have still not been interviewed, and key documents such as Scooter Libby's first draft of Powell's speech to the United Nations, apparently still have not been provided to the committee.

Third, Reid asked the audience to never give up and to get out into their communities and ensure that Americans understand the need for a new direction in America.

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It was you who was quick to stand against the Swift Boat Smear of John Huaraches Womens White

Second, he asked them to help make it clear where Democrats stand on the key issues facing Americans and dispel the urban myth perpetuated by Republicans that Democrats don't stand for anything.

Require the President to report to Congress on his objectives regarding Iran and his strategy for achieving them

He also asked bloggers to take real action in the coming months.

"Next week, I will introduce new legislation to ensure that Americans are not misled again about a national security challenge. The bill will require intelligence community professionals to monitor and certify administration statements about the threat posed by Iran," Nike Huarache Women Grey

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It was you who defended Valarie Plame and Joe Wilson against Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

The text of Sen. Whether it's spreading the truth or fighting for what's right, you have made a tremendous difference for our country and the Democratic Party.

Require an updated national intelligence estimate on Iran with an unclassified summary available to inform debate by Congress and the American people

Unveils Intelligence Oversight Legislation at YearlyKos Convention

First, he asked bloggers to continue to call Republicans out on their divisive political games, and to ensure what happened in 2004 will not happen in 2006.

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"All of us as Americans need to review how the Bush Administration cherrypicked and hyped the case for war with Iraq to sell it to Congress and the American people, so we can make sure it never happens again," said Reid. More than two years after the Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee launched its "Phase 2" investigation of pre war Iraq intelligence and more than eight months after Democrats sent the Nike Huarache All Black Womens

After being introduced by Diana Smith, a Las Vegas resident, former teacher, and chair of the Nevada Caucus of Progressive Democrats of America, Reid acknowledged the success of the blogs in correcting the record, including standing against the Swift Boat smear of John Kerry in 2004, defending Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson against Bush Administration attacks, and helping to defeat the privatization of Social Security and the Nuclear Option.

Reid's legislation, the Iran Intelligence Oversight Act, would:

Reid said of the legislation. "Every thing they say will have to be supported by facts. I have no doubt the White House won't like this requirement, but after what happened in Iraq, the American people deserve nothing less."

Require the Director of National Intelligence to show Congress that he has a process to review statements about Iran and other key challenges to our national security made by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and key cabinet officials to ensure they are consistent with the consensus assessments of professional intelligence analysts.

The YearlyKos Convention is the first ever national meeting of the online progressive community, a community that has been critical to Democrats' efforts to protect the American people from the divisive and destructive Bush Republican agenda. Before the speech, Sen. Reid met with the top ten bloggers from across the nation to discuss the road ahead in fighting for a new direction for America.

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Newswire/ Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today delivered the keynote address at the YearlyKos Convention in Las Vegas, announcing a new initiative to ensure the Bush Administration speaks honestly and accurately to the American people about the challenge Iran poses. With the Bush administration stepping up its public and private diplomacy with Iran, Reid announced that Democrats would take new steps to hold senior Bush administration officials Huarache Nike accountable for their statements on Iran, just like they have fought to hold them accountable for their misleading statements about the Iraq war.

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