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US arrives in congested Sao Paolo for World Cup

Then in 2002, less than a year after the 9 11 terrorist attacks at home, they were greeted by 500 police at Incheon International Airport following a 14 1/2 hour flight from New York to South Korea. A 120 member security force was assigned to the Americans, including eight SWAT team members who stayed on the same floor as the players at the Seoul Marriott, where all guests had to enter through magnetometers.

A 4 mile bus ride from its base hotel through the city's perpetually congested streets to the Americans' training camp was another matter.

At the 1998 tournament in France, they went stir crazy at the Chateau de Pizay, a 12th century castle surrounded by a vineyard and oak forest in the Beaujolais wine country north of Lyon. There were plainclothes officers strolling among the roosters and geese, and dogs ready to attack upon command.

"That's the norm with the way Jurgen works," Howard said. games against Ghana, Portugal and Germany, which will be played in northeast Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. sunset approached.

They stayed downtown again in Germany four years later, when there was less visible security. The Americans went rural in South Africa in 2010 when they stayed at the Irene Country Lodge, a 74 room hotel between Johannesburg and Pretoria protected by stone walls and barbed wire. There's a Nike Huarache Utility Berry

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This year's flight to the World Cup took 9:21, virtually a shuttle compared with the 17 hour trip from Washington to Johannesburg four years ago.

"The first couple days of preparation are always hard when you can't sleep," he said, "so the fact that we won't have any problem tonight sleeping will be certainly beneficial."

"Eight hour flights are like my norm," said Howard, who commutes from Liverpool, England, for World Cup qualifiers in the Americas. returned to the World Cup in 1990 after a 40 year absence, the team stayed in camp like bunks at the Italian Olympic training center in the seaside town of Tirrenia, nine miles from Pisa. A substantial upgrade was made when the Americans hosted four years later and checked into the Dana Point Resort in Orange County, California.

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"We haven't had any problem, other than the traffic. But other than that, not too bad," goalkeeper Tim Howard said Monday after the Americans arrived in Brazil exactly one week before their World Cup opener against Ghana. landed from Miami and reached its hotel about 2 hours, 20 minutes Huarache Nike Black later on a bus with the American flag and the slogan "United by team, driven by passion." Police on motorcycles with the Stars and Stripes sticking out of their wheels led the way, and a helicopter hovered.

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Four soldiers in fatigues and about two dozen police in riot gear stood outside the hotel, which is adjacent to a park on a tree lined street. Bleary eyed players were applauded when they entered the lobby.

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World Cup team.

the property, with an adjacent farm filled with cows and roosters.

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Coach Jurgen Klinsmann was due to arrive Tuesday. Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Men's Shoe

Just seven hours after the Americans landed, their initial workout took place under the direction of the rest of the staff.

What on maps appears to be a short ride to the Sao Paulo Futebol Clube's luxurious Barra Funda training complex took 45 minutes in late afternoon traffic as a subway strike in its fifth day tightened bottlenecks. At a downtown station, riot police used tear gas against striking workers. team. The Barra Funda facility has three full fields and two small ones for goalkeepers and for high intensity workouts. The main field has stands with 704 seats.

He stayed back in Miami to watch Ghana's exhibition game against South Korea.

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There are 20 rooms where players and coaches can sleep or hang out between training sessions, plus a swimming pool, kitchen, dining room, hair salon, and play room with billiards and video games.

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