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Touch up paint

It about then some ask about painting, etc.

Add window latches, wax guides

Strip light under cabinet

Does anyone else do something similar?

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While you do things every month, besides to talk about problems etc. hitting them up at 3 months and 6/7 months I think makes a better impression.

I try to put in small upgrades once or twice a year. The reason is twofold: 1. I want the present tenants to be happy may make them want to resign 2. It is then Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Women's

Ceiling fan

that much more rent ready when I have turnover.

Use wood tone or white marking pen on woodwork

Under sink storage rack screwed in type

Tub enclosure adjustments service

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Huarache Shoes Black

Huarache Shoes Black

Some stuff I did to get inside and show you care;

Clothes rod holders screwed in

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Fix any dripping faucet, shower head replace the disk in the head

Sanded drawer guide

3 in 1 on door hinges

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One thing I never understood is landlords won do a thing during a tenant lease. Then, upon turnover, they go gangbusters.

3 months in you go in with something new, it an opportunity to strengthen the relationship, show you care about the property. You can also see what they are doing.

About 90 days in on a lease the tenant is settled in, they may still enjoy the place but they can get to spotting things they feel could have been better. Huaraches For Women

Huarache Shoes Black

New light fixture(s)

Yes! Put a new ceiling fan in at about the end of the 3rd month. Or update something.

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Upper shelf in closet or utility area

New garbage disposal

Best of all, it one on one time and not about the "business" side, always asking where rent is or reminding them to return the trash cart, it positive LL time, show you care about how well they live Nike Air Huarache Womens Ultra

Huarache Shoes Black

Upgrades during tenancy

Check cabinet latches and tighten

Takes Huarache Shoes Black less than ten minutes and keeps stuff running smooth.

Huarache Shoes Black

Some things I can remember, but there tons of stuff you can do.

For instance, I have some dated light fixtures in one of my rentals. The front porch light is rusted the range hood is archaic. I going to switch those out. I even considering switching out all of the dated light fixtures. Obviously, not a ton of money but it will make a little bit of a difference in the "pop" factor.

Tighten door knobs

in your unit.

Huarache Shoes Black

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