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Another thing to think about though is cash flow. I have a free and clear duplex I bought foreclosed for 22k plus a state weatherization program paid me back for extensive weatherization so we have 33k into it, own it free and clear and it cash flows around 7 8K per year. (really, truly and for real!) which is more than a couple of 4 units that I have! So I suppose when you judging "max size" for building, yo have to take cash flow into account too, although . not you have to take into account the risk reduction inherent in having one heating system / roof / etc. per x number of tenants, as well as the fact that it takes more vacancies to offset cash flow. I do have a backer that is willing to invest. If it wasn for the financing available I would have been unable to pick up this property. But back to Huaraches Mens

your question, it was a local savings and loan one branch. I would compile a list of banks in the area and ask for their asset managers to see if they have any property on their books that fits your criteria.

unit property should you procure jus

Networking and trial and error. Also good management of your contractor is important. I constantly keep my eye out for contractors when I am out and about. I stop in at proprieties being renovated. Either I Nike Huarache Air Run Ultra

Does everyone agree to do the minimum and standard? Stark white walls, regular appliances (nothing top tier like stainless steel), redo Nike Air Huarache Grey And Blue

find an investor I can network with and add to my buyers list or I meet a contractor. Someone suggested showing up at Home Depot at 6AM. That is when the good contractor show up!

You need to know your market. In Baltimore city Section 8 tenants demand top quality. If section 8 will pay a premium price for granite counter tops and newly renovated homes, why shouldn they ask for it.

carpet and paint is all I need?

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

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Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

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Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

You may also want to talk to your local small branch lenders. I am closing on a 6plex today which was a portfolio foreclosure. The small bank is providing the financing with only 15% down, for 15yrs at 8%, no PMI, appraisal already done while the rate is a little higher, all the numbers work incredibly well even Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black with management. Yes, insurance was a little more challenging and more expensive than I was hoping for, but like a prior post, the economy of scale helped make it still work.

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

Look for small banks (a few branches in your metro) and see if they have any foreclosures or troubled assets. As we acquired more properties, even having 3 properties free and clear I was able to use one free and clear hosue for a partial down payment and so able to put 10% donw on an 8 plex. it yields over 30% COC which is nice!

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

Originally posted by Benaiah Grimes:What is the best way to find a decent crew?

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

Huarache Ultra Breathe Triple Black

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