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Huarache Ultra Women Black

Fond du Lac County

Huarache Ultra Women Black

of County Trunk SS and Golf Road in Delafield on Sept. 14, 1977. The victim is a white male weighing 150 170 pounds and between the ages of 17 and 25. He is between 5'8" and 6' tall, has brown hair and hazel eyes. She is believed to be 18 30 years old. She had brown or hazel eyes, double pierced ears and sun highlights in her short brown here. She was 5'8" and weighed 120 pounds. 11, 1979. The remains were badly decomposed. The male victim is believed to have died around the end of June in 1979 over the age of 20. He was between 5'4" and 5'7", weighed 135 150 pounds and had black hair. Contact: Captain Dana Nigbor: (262) 741 Huaraches Black And White

Huarache Ultra Women Black

Huarache Ultra Women Black


Three hunters found the girl's body on a vacant farm Nov. 23, 2008, upside down in the ice halfway between Fond du Lac and Milwaukee. Law enforcement officials chiseled the body out of the ice while others sifted through the muddy, frigid water with screens looking for clues. Snow began to fall as the sun set on the first day of the rest of the case.

On June 5, 2008, a the remains of an infant at or near the age of birth were found in a blue duffel bag and multi colored afghan on a rural road near the Wisconsin Dells area. The sex, race and viability of the child have not been determined. The white, blue and lavender colored afghan was inside the bag and appeared to be hand made. Contact: Sauk County Sheriff's Department: (800) 377 1195.

Huarache Ultra Women Black

Here's a summary of those cases:The victim had been operating a stolen vehicle from Illinois and was involved in a fatal car accident in the vicinity Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra Br Midnight Navy

The male victim's skeletal remains were located near Clinton on Nov. 26, 1995. An investigation and witness interviews revealed he was running in the Turtle Creek on October 16, 1994, wearing camouflage pants and a black T shirt with a heavy metal logo of a five pointed star encompassing a ram's head. He was between the ages of 16 23 and 5'6" 5'10" tall. Contact: Rock County Sheriff's Office at (608) 757 8000.

Huarache Ultra Women Black

Huarache Ultra Women Black

Sauk County

They don't know her name. They don't know how she wound up dead in the water. They don't know her killer or where she came from.

Polk County

If you or anyone you know has information this case, call the Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office tip line at 920 906 4777. You can also call Detective Gerry Kane at 920 929 3388.

Cases with unidentified remains are rare. In Wisconsin, there are at least eight of these cases, including Jane Doe in Fond du Lac County, dating as far back as 1977. They are tracked by the Wisconsin Clearinghouse or Missing and Exploited Children and Adults.

Unidentified murder victim a 'total nightmare' case for detectives

"It's just mind boggling looking into the hours and staff trying just to identify her," Fond du Lac County Sheriff's detective Gerry Kane said. "Can you imagine trying to solve the homicide? You don't know if she was killed here or in another jurisdiction. You don't know anything. It makes you feel your wheels are spinning, and you're not going anywhere."

Huarache Ultra Women Black

victim were located on Nov. 20, 1993, in Polk County. Her estimated date of death was late July or early August in 1993. She is believed to be biracial, 21 25 years old and between 5'6" and 5'10" tall. The perpetrator made no attempt to hide the body. Both hands were severed at the wrist and have not been located. A yellow two door compact vehicle was seen in the vicinity. Victim was wearing upper dentures with numbers 420 or 4 20 inscribed and 289 in raised lettering. She was 5'5" and weighed 150 pounds. Contact: Sheriff's Department at (608) 637 2123.

Huarache Ultra Women Black

The skeletal remains of a female Huaraches Red Kids

Rock County

On Nov. 23, 2008, the remains of a female body were located in a secluded wooded area in rural Fond du Lac County. She was clothed in blue jeans, a black top with pink trim and a pink bra. She was around 5'1" tall and weighed between 110 and 135 pounds. She might also have been Huarache Ultra Women Black knock kneed or pigeon toed. Contact: Detective Gerry Kane at (920) 929 3388.

For more detailed descriptions on any of these cases visitand click on the unidentified cases link.

Investigators have remained in the dark ever since.

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