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Huarache Utility White Camo

employees is not likely to go over well, creating a complex mix that needs to be hammered out over the next few weeks.

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Huarache Utility White Camo

Huarache Utility White Camo

Upcoming Santa Cruz County labor talks tee up big issues

June envisions them continuing. If the current contract expires without a deal, Mauriello said the county would be forced to make unanticipated budget cuts, with the county out potentially millions in personnel costs through the current fiscal year.

"Our hope is that we would put all of these issues on the table and address them all as part of the bargaining," Mauriello said.

furloughs is sought not only by workers, but frustrated members of the public who unexpectedly find closed doors when they need a building permit or to sign up for social services.

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SANTA CRUZ With critical issues on the table, talks between Santa Cruz County and its largest employee union are only now getting under way in earnest, less than a month before a labor deal expires and potentially millions in unexpected personnel costs being piling up.

"We have had a number of fruitful introductory discussions and we look forward to getting down to the more challenging issues over the course of the next few weeks," said Susan Mauriello, the county's chief administrative officer. "And we look forward to their continued cooperation, as they have cooperated with us through difficult challenges in the past."

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But the county budget passed at the end of Air Huarache Run Prm Qs Undefeated

Negotiations are being watched closely, however, for two reasons: The union's contract expires in less than a month on Sept. 10 and once it does, cost saving furloughs for most county employees disappear.

In addition, the county's health care costs are continuing to rise. But shifting rising health care costs, new pension obligations and further furloughs onto Nike Huarache Black And White Girl

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Huarache Utility White Camo

The end of Huaraches For Kids

Huarache Utility White Camo

More senior employees still see the county pick up their pension contributions, which are 7 percent of a worker's salary. The new state pension reforms mandate that workers pick up a share of the cost within the next few years, which is likely to be one of point of discussion during talks.

A representative of Local 521 did not return calls seeking comment.

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For most SIEU members, the furlough equates to a 4.62 percent cut. Under a January side deal, new hires skip Huarache Utility White Camo the furlough but must pay 6.25 percent of their salaries toward their pensions, a deal struck after a suite of public pension cuts sought by Gov. Jerry Brown and implemented by the state Legislature.

The furloughs were implemented after the economic collapse as a way to save money, with many employees initially asked to stay home for 144 hours, a nearly 7 percent pay cut. The number has since been reduced, with a handful of critical workers exempted.

Service Employees International Union Local 521 represents about 1,700 county workers, and due to its size is often a bellwether for labor deals with other, smaller unions. Acute attention is being paid to the upcoming contract because it is likely to tackle a thicket of thorny issues, including worker furloughs, rising health care costs and state mandated pension reforms.

Huarache Utility White Camo

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