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"Since there is no statute of limitations on homicide or a murder case, in the state of Louisiana, if evidence is brought forth which gives us evidence, sufficient enough whereby we can go forward with a prosecution, we have an obligation and are duty bound to look at that," said Cannizzaro.

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Two people were killed and four others severely wounded when police open fire on the Danziger Bridge.

"I did not read the report," said Riley. "I was briefed. You have to realize that we were trying to get housing, We were trying to deal with officers whose families were displaced. There was so many things going on, but I was briefed on the report and from the briefing it certainly was not indicative in any way that there was a cover up."

"Today is a dark and disappointing day for the citizens of New Orleans, especially for the honest and dedicated members of the New Orleans Police Department," said Superintendent Warren Riley. "We are both victims of illegal actions committed by this former ranking member who violated the public's trust and the department's code of conduct."

Huaraches All Black Womens

"Michael Lohman deserves to go to jail," said Riley. "Any other officers who participated in this cover up should also go to prison and be given Nike Air Huarache Trainer Low

Huaraches All Black Womens

Huaraches All Black Womens

the maximum sentence allowed."

One of the officers retired and moved away from New Orleans.

Six of the seven officers implicated in the shooting are still with the NOPD, but assigned to desk duty.

NEW ORLEANS Disheartening frustrating and shocking. Those are the words New Orleans' top cop used to describe the actions of a retired NOPD lieutenant.

"Every defendant who has been convicted as a result of testimony he might have given in a criminal case, has a right to file post conviction applications and relief if they believe there was some perjured or false testimony taken in connection take with that," said Cannizzaro.

Chief Riley was second in command when the shooting happened and admits that he was briefed on the shooting. He described it as a chaotic time for the NOPD.

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Lohman supervised major crime investigations in the NOPD's 6th District, one of the city's crime hot spots.

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up has disgraced the uniform


The former cop admitted that he and investigators under his supervision manufactured evidence, planted a weapon under the bridge and fabricated a 17 page police report to justify the Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe

Huaraches All Black Womens

Huaraches All Black Womens

For now, Cannizzaro says he will let the federal investigation proceed. He is not ruling out one day reopening the state's case against the so called Danziger 7.

A state judge threw out the case Huaraches All Black Womens against the officers at the Danziger Bridge a year and a half ago.

Lohman pleaded guilty in federal court in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Huaraches All Black Womens

Former Lt. Michael Lohman admitted that he and others tried to cover up a deadly police shooting on the Danziger Bridge in the days following Hurricane Katrina.

could have a chilling effect at criminal court.

Cannizzaro said every case he worked on can now be scrutinized by defense attorneys.

Huaraches All Black Womens

Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said the fallout from the Lohman guilty plea Air Huarache Mens

Huaraches All Black Womens

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