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University Policy on Hospitality Expenses

Subject: University on Hospitality Expenses; Supercedes EM 01 016

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Huaraches Black And Orange

Huaraches Black And Orange

official university business, be cost effective, be in accordance with the best use of public or foundation project funds, and in conformance with IRS regulations. Examples of official guests include employees from other campuses or the Chancellor Office, members of the community, or media representatives. Employees from various departments of the Chico campus, or CSU Chico students are not considered official guests. Host

A university employee who hosts a meeting, conference, reception, or eventA gift of tangible property that is distributed to provide information and/or promote the name or image of the university. Promotional items are not intended for CSU Chico employees. and Events

In addition, all caterers and Huarache Nike Black Women

A copy of a Safety Training certificate if in the Butte County Department of Health for hire classification; such training certification is to have been within twelve months preceding the event; certification is to be provided by the Butte County Department of Health, or similar agency offering State approved training/testing on food safety; for the first year of this policy, food providers in this category shall be allowed to provide food for campus events without the certification, but must obtain the certification within one year of the policy effective date

Huaraches Black And Orange

The types of expenses and events which may be supported by university and/or foundation funds are identified on Attachment A and as deemed appropriate and administratively wise.

Non campus individuals or businesses providing food for campus events will be required to provide the following in advance of the event:

Huaraches Black And Orange

Caterers and Other Food Providers

A copy of their current Butte County Department of Health license/permit if in the Butte County Department of Health classification

Huaraches Black And Orange

UNIVERSITY POLICY ON HOSPITALITY EXPENSESIt is the policy of California State University, Chico to make payment of hospitality expenses from university funds when consistent with the mission and fiduciary responsibilities of the university. Hospitality expenses may include the provision of meals (catered or restaurant), refreshments, promotional materials, gifts, awards, honoraria, or travel expenses of official guests. This policy defines when such expenses are permitted from university funding sources, including the state general fund (now the CSU Operating Huaraches Black And Orange Fund), and other university controlled funds (Enterprise Funds, IRA, Miscellaneous Trust, etc), and University Foundation (Research Foundation or University Foundation) funds. In all cases, hospitality expenses must be directly related or associated with the active conduct of Nike Huarache Grey On Feet

food providers will be required to provide evidence of coverage to meet current campus insurance requirements in advance of the event. Formal business should continue through the meal time if meals are provided as part of a meeting. Fees collected from conference attendees specifically for the event should be deposited in the CSU Operating Fund, appropriate auxiliary organization, or enterprise fund to pay for the hospitality expenses incurred. provide for consistency in the planning and review of hospitality events and costs, especially in the context of limited State resources and declining budgets, the amount of money spent on meals for employees should not exceed the maximum daily meal allowance as prescribed in the CSU, Chico Travel Manual. In all cases, events catered by off campus caterers must be pre approved. Air Huarache Ultra Women's

Huaraches Black And Orange

Huaraches Black And Orange

Huaraches Black And Orange

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