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Huaraches Black And Red

nathanvanfleet 272 days ago link

can physically get into those sites being a software vendor. So there no way to check that they are adhering to the licensing terms.

Huaraches Black And Red

high end can go up to $150000. It is then a simple matter or arithmetic to conclude that going to trial is in the best realistic case going Nike Huarache Red And Black

Huaraches Black And Red

daemin 272 days ago link

Having worked at a company that sold software to governments (Armies and TLA I heard stories of rampant piracy occurring in the most secret of places. Though there isn really a way to fix that since the computers aren connected to the Internet, and you Huarache Ultra Black White

Huaraches Black And Red

pcunite 272 days ago link

Join the club. My software is pirated by everyone: grandma, military, little mikey, and santa claus too.

Huaraches Black And Red

Fuxy 272 days ago link

gravitronic 272 days ago link

Huaraches Black And Red

Huaraches Black And Red

Huaraches Black And Red

US agrees to pay

When she would not settle, they picked 24 of the 1700 songs and actually filed suit for statutory damages. If the defendant can prove she was an "innocent infringer", the low end drops to $200 per infringed work. An innocent infringer is an infringer who did not know and had no reason to believe they were infringing. If the infringement is willful, the Nike Huarache Womens Gold

"US military are pirating software" would have been a better title :)

nathanvanfleet 272 days ago Huaraches Black And Red link

Huaraches Black And Red

They also aren going to get anywhere if they sue the person for more money than they ever have in their lives. It would end up just looking bad for them to sue someone into the ground. The US military is notorious for placing money and budgets as a rather low priority. The biggest hurdle for most groups isn obtaining money, it going through the bureaucratic processes. Likely, the priracy was committed to avoid the painful bureaucracy. If the company simply made it easier to obtain a lawful copy of the software they would probably be recovering a lot more than $60M and without lawyers.

Huaraches Black And Red

dude. sorry about winzip. We should call it such rather than dramatizing it with these terms.

That absolutely backwards though. You saying it the Apptricity fault for not making the military less bureaucratic about purchases? How could they do that?Besides, they got deep discounts by stealing.

Huaraches Black And Red

to result in a minimum of $18000 damages. She had tried to destroy evidence, she was caught in outright lies on the stand, and she tried to blame her children and boyfriend for the infringement. When they catch a pirate and make a settlement offer, they offer a very reasonable amount, typically around $2 4 per infringed song, which comes out in most cases to a few thousand dollars. That below the minimum possible statutory damages award. If they sued over all 1700 songs in the Thomas Rasset case, for instance, a win would result in a minimum award of $1.3 million, and probably much much more. The court will know about the settlement offer and so will know what kind of damages the plaintiff finds acceptable, and might get annoyed if it perceives them as just piling on. 7 would be enough at $750 per song to get the $5000 they were initially looking for. Perhaps they believe a jury will think "why are they wasting our time over a measly 7 songs?" and so go with a beefier list.

Huaraches Black And Red

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