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Huaraches Kids Boys

Huaraches Kids Boys

Huaraches Kids Boys

it can cause a couple of problems, I am very sceptical about most startups hitting them. I like schemaless design and flexibility.

Huaraches Kids Boys

Huaraches Kids Boys

delan 844 days ago link

I'm one of those people. I was your typical web monkey, learning everything from how to guides and O'Reilly books. I keep a list of good intro material I can send to friends, nephews, etc, who want to learn programming. HN and reddit are two good Huaraches Kids Boys sources of those kinds of posts.

neilk 844 days ago link

Huaraches Kids Boys

I was just going to write similar thing. This shows that there is a significant percentage of HN users, who haven't had formal introduction to basic CS concepts.

I find it a bit disturbing how this post reaches the top of HN. Though (2) people are ignorant of relational concepts, (0) people are stubborn, Air Huarache Flight

Huaraches Kids Boys

Huaraches Kids Boys

uneducatable people who end up creating all types of scalibility problems. Normalisation is a very basic concept. Whilst Air Huarache White And Black

database normalisation

sravfeyn 844 days ago link

Huaraches Kids Boys

Huaraches Kids Boys

Understanding Air Huarache Safari

Huaraches Kids Boys

I've updated the article to use data that does not (generally) change from year to year: country and area instead of city and population. This should eliminate the semantic issue and make it clearer.

japhyr 844 days ago link

This is one of the cleanest explanations of normalization I have come across. The way it's written, the normalization ends up changing the semantics of the data, which is not what it's supposed to do. The normalized schema assumes that the location of a tournament will never change. If the 2014 Australian Open were to be held in Sydney, then looking up the location of the 2012 Australian Open would thereafter yield "Sydney". Population has the same problem. It's not likely that the population of a city will remain constant over time. The original database would give you the population at the time the tournament was held. The normalized version always gives you the current population of the city.

Huaraches Kids Boys

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