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Huaraches White Mens

The multi talented Scot's latest gig is as a stand up comedian. Last year, she moved across the pond to try her luck as a comic in the Big Apple.

Huaraches White Mens

Huaraches White Mens

together a charity fundraiser and hopes to promote other comedians in future. But for now, she's enjoying her time in the limelight.

What does she miss most about Scotland? "My family. And the Scottish sense of humour. Scots are really down to earth, they call a spade a spade. And we love to laugh."

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Her Huaraches White Mens other weird and wonderful jobs include being a topless hairdresser in France, looking after chickens on a barge in Holland and dishwashing for a company of travelling performers she met when they parked their tents on Glasgow Green.

"I'd be there in my boiler suit and hair net packing the brains and head meat of the cows that had just been killed," she recalls.

She said: "I practise my jokes on friends and people I meet in every day life and if they make them laugh then I'll use them. I usually can't wait to get on Nike Huaraches Black Women

Charlotte Macdonald's voice booms across the trendy New York bar. She's telling a story in a thick Perthshire accent and the whole bar is listening, whether they want to or not.

But she'd always dreamed of moving to New York and last year she plucked up the courage to make the move. Since leaving, Charlotte says she feels more Scottish than ever. And her roots are stamped all over her stand up.

She says: "I get most of my ideas for jokes from every day life. New York is great for material but then so is Glasgow. Both cities are full of characters."

And she admits nothing is offlimits when she is on stage.

Huaraches White Mens

She said: "When you're wearing a skirt and high heels people expect you to be nicey nicey. So it comes as a big surprise when you come out with a belter."

Huaraches White Mens

And New Yorkers can't get enough of her. "They love Scottish humour here. It's brutally honest and in your face," says Charlotte. "They think Scots are dead exotic."

Charlotte has just appeared at New York's Gotham Comedy Club in A St Andrew's Comedy Gala. The Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival gig also featured fellow Scot Craig Hill, along with some hot American comedians.

Huaraches White Mens

She said: "It was really nerve wracking.

stand up uniform of jeans and a T shirt, Charlotte always gets dressed up.

The bubbly Scot is a born performer.

The first time she did stand up was in a club in the Trongate in Glasgow.

Her favourite comedians are mostly Scots. They include Billy Connolly, Frankie Boyle, Bob Doolally, Gary Little and Des McLean. And, of all the comedy clubs she's visited in the world, her favourite is The Stand in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

"Everyone should try stand up at least once. Everyone has it in them. When a room full of strangers laugh at a joke you've made up, there's no better feeling in the world."

Huaraches White Mens

I remember hearing my name being read out just before I went up on stage and feeling sheer panic. But I got up and did it."

Growing up in Callander in Perthshire with her mum and dad, brother Peter and sister Claire, she remembers sitting around the tea table telling jokes and funny stories and laughing. "I've made some great friends here but I don't laugh with anyone like I do with my family."

While living in Glasgow, she worked for a TV production company. Her job was to go through comedy scripts and go out to comedy clubs to talent spot.

Huaraches White Mens

"To me nothing's offlimits." While other female comics wear the typical Nike Huarache Grey On Feet

Huaraches White Mens

It's hard to believe it when you see her on stage but, as a little girl, Charlotte was painfully shy. It was only as she got older that she discovered she had a gift for making people laugh.

"Scottish people are a lot funnier than Americans. It's in our genes," she insists.

up Charlotte Macdonald is making a splash on New York comedy scene

Huaraches White Mens

stage and share the jokes with the audience.

Huaraches White Mens

The crowd lapped it up and she got three bookings that night on the back of her performance.

She slips into different accents, does impersonations and chats to everyone.

Huaraches White Mens

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