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At 8pm, as my assistant and I took our window seats, May Sum looked roughly a quarter full. A couple of hen parties were out for Tuesday night in Nottingham dressed for Saturday night in Whitley Bay; two girls in particular struggled with the buffet concept, eating directly from the buffet while circling the display with empty plates.

Upper Parliament Street

Notwithstanding a premature attempt to whisk away my plate while a forkful of broccoli was still hovering before my face, the service was very pleasant. With two dining at 10.95 per head plus a couple of Cokes and a brace of nourishing Tsing Tao beers, the cough came to sixteen bob over 30. Not Air Huarache Price

I WAS sorry to see Vision go. Until the recent upgrading of the north side of Upper Parliament Street, Trevor Cummings' mid price modern British restaurant fought a lone battle against the general awfulness of the neighbourhood.

looking for a bit more quantity in their value equations, I suspect there may be more to come.

Huaraches Womens Black And White

Huaraches Womens Black And White

Huaraches Womens Black And White

In recent months I have tried Red Hot and the No.1 in Hockley, plus May Sum's neighbour Hot Wok and I can honestly say the standard is pretty much uniform. A triangle of prawn toast, a bowl of Singapore noodles and a pancake filled with crisp duck are pretty much the same at one of these establishments as the next.

Huaraches Womens Black And White

I visited the May Sum today with my Husband. We both agree that while the food itself was mostly nice, there was nowhere near as much choice as the 'Big Wok' next door. Also, we felt a lot more cramped there, there was a lot of fighting to get to the food as all the dishes were condensed together. In the Big Wok, the food is in a long straight line and there is a LOT more choice. The area where you pay in May Sum was almost indestinct, and also unconvieniently placed next to the toilets, meaning you had to fight your way through the waiting customers to get to the loos. The vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower) were absolutely rock hard, the white chocolate fountain was sickly and tasted very metallic, and there was a complete lack of imagination when it came to the desserts two different flavours of roly poly and some nasty looking jelly. A particular member of the kitchen staff who brought out fresh trays of food every couple of minutes, seemed to delight in barging inbetween us as we tried to get to the food, without an apology in sight. All staff looked too preoccupied with making sure all the empty plates were snatched away before you even finished eating, talking on their walkie talkies and into their earpieces covertly every few seconds with furtive glances over the prawn toast. All in all, both me and my husband will not be visiting again, next time you will find us in the Big Wok with the 100% better choice of food, friendlier staff, and lovely milk chocolate fountain oh, and cheaper too!!

Huaraches Womens Black And White

of the party consoled himself by jabbing a finger into a chocolate fountain and licking the digit clean.

Huaraches Womens Black And White

Huaraches Womens Black And White

I saw the genial Ulsterman in my supermarket the other day and he told me about his latest catering challenge. Meanwhile his old premises have been taken over by May Sum . yet ANOTHER scoff till you drop Chinese buffet affair. Well, Chinese plus chips and baked beans, if the spread last Tuesday night was typical.

Huaraches Womens Black And White

We have the chocolate fountain a miss and I contented myself with a school picnic dessert from the Ration Book years: a slice of Swiss roll and a rectangle of jelly (the colour being red, the flavour neutral).

Huaraches Womens Black And White

Meanwhile a green clad South African party, including two young men resembling the cricketing brothers Albie and Morne Morkel, took a large circular table. The group rightly looked downcast, the South African team having been badly beaten up at Trent Bridge that afternoon. An older member Huarache Nike Cleats Baseball

I later sampled the latter and we felt the shredded duck meat was a little dry an inevitable consequence of hot buffet presentation. We liked the seafood items, the fried rice and the broccoli in garlic, but the beef with red peppers in black bean sauce was a disappointment good quality meat, nicely cooked, but the sauce was desperately bland.

The restaurant was urgently in need of dignity and Huaraches Womens Black And White sound manners. While I fetched myself a bijou selection of hors d'oeuvres (an unremarkable array of prawn toast, onion rings, chicken wing and miniature spring roll) my assistant tried a sensibly proportioned helping of crisp duck, with pancakes, hoisin sauce and the usual green trimmings.

Huaraches Womens Black And White

terrible value, but not a terribly new experience.

A lardy chap in a black T shirt gingerly wobbled his way back to his seat while trying to balance roughly five main meals on his medium sized plate.

How many of these fixed price eat all you like joints can Nottingham take? I can count half a dozen in the city centre mostly Chinese but some Asian and the recently assessed Red Hot Chilli Shack, which seems to do both, plus Italian and Tex Mex tuck. With a recession looming and diners Huaraches White And Red

Gary, I couldn't agree more. This place tiddles all over Big Wok (not Hot Wok as he calls it in the article). The surroundings are much nicer, and I suspect that had he gone at lunch instead of in the evening, the review would have been more favourable. Until May Sum, I had never come across a chinese buffet that had a good selection of seafood dishes on offer during the lunchtime session. For me, this makes May Sum unbeatable, and I found many of the dishes to be more original and flavoursome than what is usually on offer at Big Wok.

Huaraches Womens Black And White

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