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After suggesting students have been taken hostage by the dispute, the protest's organizers said there are concessions both sides can make to reach an agreement and bring an end to students' suffering.

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two year wage freeze and limits collective bargaining rights and sick days, and it gives the province the power to prevent strikes or lockouts.

"We don't want to take sides, we realize there are problems on both sides," said organizer Marco La Grotta, a high school student. "We want to encourage negotiation and discussion and we believe Bill 115 will hinder this process."

"Bullies," while another claimed other public sector workers will be targeted.

Despite vowing to stay neutral, most signs at the protest, where students chanted "Kill Bill 115," appeared to favour the unions and teachers.

One sign used the Liberals' signature "L" logo in the word Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra Red

Because of that work to rule action, teachers have withdrawn from extra curricular activities and administrative duties. The student group said that move is hurting kids' education and robbing them of critical opportunities.

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politicians, we're simply students who are upset about the situation and we don't want to be the victim of politics."

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"Over half the learning goes beyond the academic side and is more about the extra curriculars," he said.

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unions to end labour spat

"All that students are concerned about is that we just want to find a solution," said TDSB student trustee Kourosh Houshmand. "We're not Nike Air Huarache Singapore

Teachers are taking job action to protest Bill 115 because they are upset that it will impose a new contract if agreements aren't reached with local school boards by Dec. 31.

A member of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation denied the claim, saying teachers are still writing reference letters.

The group is hoping to take its concerns directly to the province and government, and is asking both sides to meet with them.

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For instance, teachers have refused to write referral letters for Grade 12 students, claimed rally organizer Daniel Gignac.

The bill, known as the Putting Students First Act, doesn't put students first, the student group said.

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Group: students aren't being put first

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Thursday's rally is not the first time students Nike Air Huarache have shown their discontent with the labour strife. For weeks, students have been holding individual walkouts at GTA schools to protest Bill 115.

Houshmand said the withdrawal of extra curriculars and other activities has stripped students of opportunities to get extra help from teachers outside of school hours and interact at sporting and social events.

Without those letters, graduating students' pursuit of post secondary education will be in jeopardy, Gignac said.

The group wants the government to repeal Bill 115 because it is the source of work to rule action by high school and elementary school teachers, and rotating one day strikes by elementary teachers.

At a news conference before the protest, organizers said students and their needs are being forgotten as public school teachers and Ontario's Liberal government trade shots in a very public fight.

Hundreds of local high school students are rallying at Queen's Park on Thursday afternoon to pressure the province and teachers' unions to end their labour dispute so extra curricular activities can be restored in schools.

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