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For one thing, there already is a non union, non partisan association for Georgia teachers to belong to: the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE), which was in fact founded by teachers unhappy with the GAE/NEA bond to the Democrat Party.

Educators First is privately funded, Page said. When questioned about the organization's backers, Page said there were a "variety of people" helping to fund it.

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While rumors have been swirling that Superintendent Fred Sanderson may be looking for a new job, Page and Adams laughed at the thought of him joining their team.

Page said the idea for the organization was brought up in April over a cup of coffee. From working with GAE for 10 years, Page said she has firsthand knowledge of the need for an alternative to a union. The cost of dues and where that money was going was of concern to many teachers, she said.

"The whole idea is that we want to provide a non union alternative for people that want all of the services that they've gotten from a union, without all of the politics and baggage, and quite frankly the inflated price that goes along with a union," Adams said.

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A portion of the dues will go toward a political action committee, Page said, while another portion will go to a grant like teacher hardship fund.

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By Kathryn MaloneKENNESAW Two former union representatives and a former employee relations director for Cobb County Schools have teamed up to create a non union, professional educators association.

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Nike Air Huarache First Release

Adams said that so far the group has gotten a lot of good response to their organization from both teachers and administrators. Shin said she has even had educators call her from other counties. The group plans to focus on Cobb County and the northwest metro Atlanta area at first, but would eventually like to expand to the entire metro Atlanta area and even the state.

Adams stressed that although Educators First is a non union organization, it will still offer the same aggressive approach to advocating for teachers. Educators First will also be non partisan.

"Basically, mine has to do with the very partisan political stance of the state and national organizations," she said. "It also has to do with a bit of disappointment of what the state organization has done over the few years that they haven't done what they need to do to represent our educators. I believe that educators need to be represented by someone that is nonpartisan and focused on education issues only. That was one of my major reasons for making the change."

Based in Kennesaw, Educators First will be headed by Tana Page, a former regional director for Georgia Association of Educators, and John Adams, CCSD's former director of employee relations. Gaye Shin, former chair of the CCAE's political action committee, will serve as the Cobb recruiter for Educators First.

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"But if I understand he's looking for a job, he can feel free to send us his resume," Adams said with a laugh.

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Page said Adams has been very reasonable over the years.

last eight years, he was extremely reasonable to work with," she said. "Now we didn't always agree, but I would say in a majority of cases, we came to an agreement."

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"I had a principal say, 'well, John you're going to work for the enemy,'" Adams said. "I said, 'that metaphor is true if you think teachers are the enemy, and they're not.' What people don't know is the number of times I've stuck up for teachers behind the scenes. And it's the same skill set . The vast majority of the teachers in Cobb are really good people and do a really good job. They are good folks that deserve to be represented."

"That's an interesting concept," Page said. "I had never thought about that."

"Having sat across the table from John for the Nike Air Huarache Tan

Shin said many people are surprised that she decided to move on from GAE. She said a lot of the reason why she chose to leave GAE has to do with its partisan leanings.

Adams said that while he had spoken to Sanderson about Educators First, Nike Air Huarache First Release they had never discussed the possibility of him working with the group.

Nike Air Huarache First Release

skeptical that this new group is what it purports to be.

"Between John and I, over the years, we've seen some critical things that have happened to teachers in Cobb County," Page said. "We'd rather spend our money on that and try to help the community than put on lavish conferences or anything like that. Giving back, that's important."

to use. No one will force them to join, but we all know there is strength in numbers (much like the Tea Party movement). I do not expect non educators to really understand. This product is not for them anyway so who cares what they think?Do you really think it is only the teachers who have occasional conflict with an administrator or that administrators are perfect and never treat a teacher unfairly? Good teachers DO get sued and threatened by parents. I urge teachers to check out this new choice and see if it better meets their needs. Parents have choice through many new laws, what is so wrong about teachers having a new choice too?

Union reps former CCSD worker form educators group

I was required by my school district in another state where I taught to join the NEA Union. (the bargaining unit had gotten the share dues clause put into the contract) While I really didn't have any issue with the local unit, NEA is SOOOO political thus my reason for not wanting to be a part of it.

Why all this doubting Thomas and conspiracy theory hype about this organization? This is good old American competition. Find a need and fill it! Offer a product that people in today's education environment have expressed a desire Nike Huaraches On Girls

The National Education Association and its local chapters the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) and the Cobb County Association of Educators (CCAE) are clearly sock puppets of the Democrat Party, just as the article suggests.

"There were a number of concerns about having to pay those types of dues and a portion of your money was going to Washington," Page said.

But I for one am extremely Huaraches Womens

The dues for teachers will be $29.50 per month, roughly 35 percent less than next year's dues for Cobb County Association of Educators.

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As for the odd pairing of former union representatives with a longtime HR employee who has spent most of his career investigating teachers, Adams and Page said they are ready to sit on the same side of the table and advocate for teachers.

Nike Air Huarache First Release

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