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ksec 71 days ago link

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ever used it as part of the CPython CRuby compiler?

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lukego 71 days ago link

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Tangentially: I am interested in sponsoring an open source (Apache License) implementation of BPF bytecode Nike Air Huarache Utility Premium

experience, even the simplest implementations of BPF runtime are fast enough. (if only there was time!)

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And adding to that: the reason why things like LLVM come up a lot is because, if you write your chain right, you Nike Air Huarache Grey Mens get things like LLDB for free. Using DynASM as your JIT base still forces you to write GDB hooks or a custom debugger, which, while hardly impossible, also aren the easiest thing in the world. I actually think DynASM is a lot easier to wrap your head around on the JIT landscape, but it also much more suited to a build the world type of situation. .

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majke 66 days ago link

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vertex four 71 days ago link

chrisseaton 71 days ago link

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I also wrote an unofficial tutorial here: http: docs look pretty nice, particularly the "reference" part. It probably the first time anyone has attempted to comprehensively explain all of DynASM concepts in detail, and contains answers to several questions that I previously had to email Mike Pall directly about.

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Unofficial DynASM Documentation

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For Python: likely because the few people who need a faster Python, have the JIT experience to build one, and have the time and funding to do so, are working on PyPy.

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For a JIT for a complex dynamic language like Python and Ruby, emitting the machine code is not a significant part of the problem. The problem is in choosing which instructions to emit, and other things like transitioning between different stacks and how you store your objects. I don think DynASM helps with those problems.

in DynASM (or LuaJIT). The use case is to execute packet filters compiled by libpcap. It uses bsd licensed sljit library to generate code for multiple platforms. The library has some slight overhead over hand written assembly but it gives you a single codebase for all platforms. At the very least, you can borrow some optimisations from my code. There seems to be a lot of optimisation done, and there only seem to be a couple of heavyweight implementations.

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