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And in the same way, the thrust of the GSW management spin Jackson was the sole agitating problem or something like that be bought whole.

So, yes, I realize the Mark Jackson situation/debate involves many layers racial, religion. Because everything in this country does. Nobody should have blinkers on, nobody should deny that there are always social factors involved in all things, good, bad or incomprehensible.

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But, if I may say at this late point: It's also fair to say that the largest part of this break up happened due to the usual things that lead to bad break ups, whatever the race, creed, religion, or win loss record involved.

Again, maybe that's my unique ability to think only good thoughts about people. I'm such an innocent.

It would be nicer for everybody if this could be handled with a little bit of a lighter touch like when Jackson confirmed he wore that black suit/black shirt/red tie outfit in Game 7 as a nod to mafia traditions, mostly, I think, to give his players a laugh.

Then they broke up and now they kind of hate each other. Or the ideas of each other. You know what I'm saying.

even at the end, and I think I still do.

Jackson, left, and owner Joe Lacob. (Bay Area News Group)

Yes, it was and remains possible to see truths in both PR campaigns (or whatever this is they're doing, all apparently leading to a Mushroom Cloud), and to see gross exaggerations, too.

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up brings out worst in both

You just can't.

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You can't look at all those things, and there's more, and conclude that Jackson was easy to deal with. Nike Huarache Ultra Br Green

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He's always sensitive on certain issues and can recklessly exaggerate points for grander emphasis (which I would argue with him about), but I just never picked up that Jackson was an irrational, crazy man maybe that's my shabby crazy detector, on the blink again.

It's what happens in the worst break ups, and that's what this is. A horrendous, terrible break up after a lot of good times for the Warriors and Jackson. Which just makes it worse.

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For a lot of different reasons. I'm going to stick with my belief that they're mainly not solely to the basketball situation, to Jackson's straight up dealings with executives on a personal level, and to the Warriors brass' belief that he wasn't a good enough coach for them to continue to tolerate those edgy relationships.

From my view, to argue that Jackson was merely an innocent in this, buffeted and fired by powerful men who didn't like his race/religion. is a bit naive.

And I think it's relatively logical to say that basketball issues surrounding errors by Jackson AND management the main part of this.

Jackson pushes buttons and sometimes creates agitation where none before exists to motivate himself or the people around him (check Reggie Miller vs. the Knicks) and Jackson has never denied that.

I also get along fairly well with co owner Joe Lacob and GM Bob Myers, for the most part. They have had some PR bumps that they haven't handled terrifically (did they not know firing Jackson would cause a firestorm?), and they can occasionally come off as being just as sensitive as Jackson, but I've never sensed that the top GSW power brokers were callous or less than thoughtful in their key decision making.

We can argue whether that was the correct decision. That's on the Warriors. Hire a better coach. Win a lot of games. Or else.

But I'm writing this now because I realize this issue is real, it's not going away, and people earnestly and authentically believe the worst things about BOTH SIDES.

Again, Jackson could've been driven to that state of mind by unnecessary nagging from Myers and the Basketball Ops office, by Lacob, by other parts of the ownership group, or by whoever.

If the next coach succeeds and then fights with management, that'll be something very damning to Myers and Lacob, obviously.

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I got along tremendously with Mark Jackson while he was the Warriors coach, Mens Nike Huarache Ultra

Or if they didn't Nelson fell, he fell hard. Fired. If you go out of your way to be a pain in the butt to management or others around the league, this is what happens. You had better win a lot of games. More than 51 and three playoff games, I'd guess.

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But I'm saying that was the main percentage of it: Basketball and personality.

But I'm saying that this was particular to Jackson's behavior with the Warriors, not generally to social conflicts that have gone on over centuries.

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Golden State Warriors coach Mark Nike Huarache Run Ultra Br White

"Somebody's getting whacked tonight," Jackson joked when I asked him about the wardrobe choice. I didn't think he was necessarily speaking about himself (it was Game 7, after all, somebody was getting eliminated), but his situation was clearly a part of the bigger picture, as it had been basically for a year.

To understand what both sides are going through and went through and may yet go through into the future. and conclude that neither side is evil and neither side is wholly right.

Phil Jackson wasn't easy (though that's another guy I've always gotten along tremendously with it's me). Don Nelson could be rough. Pat Riley could be brutal. But the key thing with all three: They won huge.

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The two sides started off liking each other. Then they started trending towards not liking each other. Then they started really disliking each other.

Just look at the public basketball issues around Jackson "hit men" accusation vs. Denver during that playoff series, his problems with two assistants, his problem with Michael Malone, issues with the business side of the team, his weird comment about Andrew Bogut injuring himself in his sleep (which upset Bogut) and then Jackson semi blaming that Nike Air Huarache Infant on. well, I don't know what Jackson was blaming it on, it was just odd.

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