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June 2010: Glenrock signs a lease with Sharps Rifle Co., which has purchased A Square.

Feb. 2012: The town of Glenrock reports Sharps Rifle two months in arrears on its lease and utility payments for the facility. Kevin Tierney, CEO of the new Sharps Rifle Co. LLC, has taken over the company's assets.

The town hoped they could bank on A Square, unlike energy companies following the latest excavation, to stick around past the next boom.

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Feb. July 2009: Construction starts Nike Huarache Shoes Mens

unfilled orders lead to Glenrock business's failure

The Business Council commissioned a background check on Alphin. The check found a federal criminal investigation in the 1990's that led to a raid on Alphin's residence and an A Square plant in Indiana, but no wrongdoing by Alphin or the company.

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Young trees line one side of the lot's main building, which, from the outside, is little more than a rectangle. The front door bears the logo of the building's first tenant a firearms manufacturer who five years ago Nike Huarache Womens

The application took longer than usual, said former Wyoming Business Council Regional Director Steve Elledge, who worked with the town to fund the project.

May July 2013: Wyoming Attorney General's Office issues settlement agreements. New owners with the Broadsword Group refund customers who paid for but never received Merwin Hulbert revolvers.

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Nike Air Huarache Junior Cheap

June 2008: Wyoming Business Council approves the town of Glenrock's second application, granting $1.5 million to build a gun manufacturing facility. The State Loan and Investment Board approves the grant two weeks later.

Nov. 2012: Prosecutors for the state of Wyoming dismiss a case against Art Alphin concerning Alphin's alleged obtaining Wyoming Department of Workforce Services grant money under false pretenses.

Fueled by optimism that A Square could put Glenrock on the national gun map, and by Alphin's pledge to hire23 employees at a $1 million payroll within three years, the town eagerly signed a lease with Alphin once his application for construction funding passed.

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Alphin was unreliable, judging from Business Council email correspondences obtained by the Star Tribune through a public records request. Weeks passed when Business Council or town staff heard nothing from him, despite attempts to make contact. Elledge worked for months with Alphin to construct a business plan, after Glenrock withdrew Alphin's first application attempt in 2007.

The town of 2,500 boasted more than a few firearms related businesses when the Business Council funded the project in 2008. A rifle manufacturer fit the bill for the gun friendly town.

Nov. 2007: An internal memo at the Wyoming Business Council flagged the town of Glenrock's grant as providing "no historical financial statements" for A Square Co. Inc. Glenrock withdraws the application.

When longtime Glenrock business owner and firearms restorer Diane Filingmoved to Glenrock 20 years ago, she watched as the town reeled from the closing of a nearby coal mine that had powered the town's economy for nearly half a century. Homes sat vacant and property values dipped, she said. A bust in the 1980's left Glenrock with a subdivision of new houses, but no one to live there, and a brand new grade school with no students, town clerk Donna Geho said.

Feb. 2013: Broadsword Group finalizes purchase of all previous companies that have done business at the Glenrock facility.

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GLENROCK Just past the high school, afreshly sodded lawn stands bright green against the otherwise uninterrupted prairie.

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proposed uprooting his Kentucky business and moving it to Glenrock.

The Wyoming Business Council spent $1.5 million in taxpayer dollars on the building in Glenrock, built to house what the town hoped would be a way out of their uneasy marriage to the energy industry.

Sep. 2012: Wyoming Attorney General's Office launches investigation into Sharps Rifle, following consumer complaints saying paid for Merwin Hulbert revolvers were never delivered.

Since its inception, the building has brought great promise but few guns to Glenrock. Three businesses came Huaraches For Kids

on the facility.

Sept. 2007: The Wyoming Business Council receives a grant application from the town of Glenrock requesting state funds to build a gun manufacturing facility that would be leased to A Square Co. Inc.

and went, plagued by poor management, unsuccessful turnarounds and owners who took money for pistols they never produced. The building bears marks of a haphazard construction and tumultuous past federal prison security locks on every entry, an unused metal shipping door meant to transfer rifles from workers to customers, andan elevator whose door opens the wrong way.

"We are very sports friendly, especially shooting sports," said Kathy Patceg, Glenrock's former community development directorwho worked from the start with the incoming business, A Square of Wyoming, and its owner, Art Alphin. "This fit in perfectly with the direction we were already going."

Jan. 2011: Construction still incomplete. The town of Glenrock grants an extension to the company installing a wind turbine, which was included in Nike Air Huarache Junior Cheap the grant's funds.

Today, another owner has arrived.

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