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In a stunt worthy of the annual gadget show, International CES, Dish executive Vivek Khemka also showed off how its Hopper digital video recorder can be set to record shows using Google high tech eyewear, Google Glass.

The eight show system involves Dish Hopper DVR and a new Super Joey add on box for separate rooms. The catch is that four of those shows have to be from the broadcast networks ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

CES. The vote was annulled by CNET parent CBS Corp., which has been fighting the Hopper ability to automatically strip out TV ads. CNET was later dropped as the show awards picker.

be connected by separate coaxial cables. Now they just need power outlets. Improvements in Wi Fi technology made the new wireless set up possible.

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Dish has been trying to position itself as the TV provider with the best Everywhere platform available. The concept refers to the ability to watch your TV shows on all your devices whether you in your home or on the go.

On Monday, Dish also unveiled Joey boxes that can run wirelessly with the help of a router that sits next to the Hopper. Previously, Joey boxes had to Nike Air Huarache Run Prm

Compared with Dish, other cable and satellite TV providers offer only a patchwork of channels for live viewing on mobile phones, computers and tablets, and many of those channels can be viewed outside the home or over cellular data networks.

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Dish also unveiled partnerships with LG Corp. and Sony Corp. so that Hopper users can watch recorded shows in a second room without needing a Joey. Instead, the system uses an app on a smart TV or PlayStation game console.

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

LAS VEGAS, Nev. Dish Network Corp. has unveiled a new digital recorder system that can record eight TV shows at once and can be controlled by voice.

The announcements Monday at the International CES gadget show come a year after Dish Hopper with Sling was picked by reviews site CNET as Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe White

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

up that can record 8 TV shows at once

For a $12 monthly fee, TV subscribers can rent Dish Hopper, which can send all of a subscriber live and recorded shows Nike Air Huarache Light Premium to mobile phones and tablets. Joey box rentals for separate TVs cost up to $7 a month.

Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

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