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Now, as for why it loads when you set it to "RAID" with only one drive in. that's a bit odd. How was it configured in your old system? The repair mode shouldn't need a driver if it's connected to a standard Intel SATA port. They don't have a second SATA controller on there, so it shouldn't matter what port it's plugged in to.

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Nike Air Huarache Prm

There should be three options for the SATA operating mode: RAID, AHCI, and IDE (or possibly this last one will be called "legacy" or something like that). Did you try all three?

SATA. Please help.

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Well, two things comes to mind. The system not booting from the original hard drive wasn't because Windows isn't "registered" to it per se, it's more likely because of a difference in the chipset you're using.

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How old were the parts you replaced? If the BIOS in the new system is set to UEFI but the old one wasn't capable of it, you'll have to change the setting to legacy.

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As I recall setting RAID has the secondary effect of changing the disks to AHCI mode. Set it to AHCI specifically and it should let you reinstall Windows just fine without a driver.

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What am I doing wrong? I've Nike Air Huarache Prm never had this problem in any of my prior builds before but that was back when I was using IDE drives not Nike Huarache Trainer Low

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boot mode is set to UEFI.

Of course booting up Nike Huarache Triple Black Womens

Upgrade Build Boot Issue

deruberhanyok wrote:I've just had another thought. That thing with the blinking cursor when trying to boot from the DVD, I"ve seen that before on some systems when the Nike Air Huarache Light Blue

off the HDD it will start to but stop saying there's a problem. After researching, I was told Windows 7 does that because it is not registered to the new MB and I need to re install with a new key. No problem. I have an extra copy lying around.

I went back into the BIOS and chose the option to force it to boot from the optical drive only. Does not work.

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Nike Air Huarache Prm

Popped the DVD into the new burner, check the BIOS to ensure it's set to boot from the optical drive (the only one I have) first. I can hear it start and the monitor shows black with a __ cursor on the top left. Then after 2 minutes, it tries to boot from the HD again with the same failure to boot.

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