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Claire said: "Unfortunately, she has wrongly identified other suspects in the past and her family and the police worry this is another false claim."

Claire is honest enough to admit the emotional toll that being a first time mum took on her.

Claire has two daughters, Amelia, who is four and a half, and 18 month old Eveline, with her TV producer and director husband Craig Woodrow, 41. So how is she finding being a mum?

"A lot of our NCT group were pregnant with their second after a year but then, their babies slept from 7pm to 7am."

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Once Amelia was established in a routine, Claire finally started to think about adding to the family and Eveline arrived in 2012.

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"I do remember thinking quite early on, 'This is not something you give back, a child is for life'.

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She said: "Knackering. It's tiring but great. It's a whole new ball game."

She added: "I found it hard to adjust to being a mum. It was a big shock to my system but I think that was because Amelia didn't sleep for 15 months or so.

"We desperately wanted another child but we couldn't imagine having one when we had one that didn't sleep," said Claire. "It was really important we got that sorted as it made me very sad to think I wouldn't have another child because of it.

Filmed in Ireland last December, Claire says she hopes the drama will put her back in the spotlight after being off radar Nike Air Huarache Red Mens raising her family.

"We had been surviving on four hours of sleep a night and that was broken, so we were pretty wrecked. It was horrendous.

"At the start, my character has a daughter and a loving husband who has supported her through a lot. She has just Nike Huarache Triple Black Lizard

She said: "As a mum, it brought strong emotions to the surface. To lose a parent at such a young age would be so traumatic. I did briefly look into a few cases of children who had witnessed a parent's murder but I found it really upsetting. I am such a wuss now I have children of my own."

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"But she got there and knowing what she is like now, I kind of get why she was like that as a baby. She's so full of life and a party animal. As an adult, she's going to be hilarious. She will be the last one standing at every party."

She witnessed the killing when she was seven and is determined to bring the man she believes is responsible to justice.

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'It was incredible but she was still an early waker and was up at about 5am.

CLAIRE Goose found fame in 1997 as sexy nurse Tina Seabrook in BBC hospital drama Casualty and her stunning figure and good looks made her an instant lads' mag favourite.

She said: "In a way, it's a blessing we waited, otherwise we wouldn't have had Ev and she's wonderful.

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takes a while to get back into people's minds," she added. "I hope this will do that. I loved the whodunnit element of this piece and when I read the script, I wasn't sure where it was going. I got to the end and hadn't worked it out there is a twist.

Claire is back on screens again in April, starring in compelling ITV1 two part thriller Undeniable. She plays Jane Phillips, a woman who recognises her mother's murderer 23 years after the crime.

But as the thriller unfolds, the audience are left unsure if Jane has accused the right man a well respected oncologist and family man, played by Peter Firth.


However, the experience did make her worry about having another baby.

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"Eventually, we had to get a children's sleep specialist called Andrea Grace and she managed to sort it out really quickly.

"Then it all kicks off when she sees this guy and everything starts to unravel. She can't rest until the killer has been brought to justice. I think people will be very satisfied with the ending."

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With Felix cott and Robert Pugh in Undeniable

up but nowadays I prefer a cup of tea and a good Huarache Nike White Women's

found out she is pregnant, too, so everything seems to be going really well.

But the actress is happier to cover up these days.

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