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Trustees said they worried about the university's image and its ability to attract quality candidates to open positions without stable leadership. Following Thursday's appointment, an interim provost, two interim associate provosts and four interim deans continue to fill temporary positions that opened during Sternberg's tenure, according to UW spokesman Chad Baldwin.

What's next?

Few questioned McGinity's ability to do the job Thursday. But some faculty members questioned whether trustees were moving too hastily in appointing a new president without consulting a search committee.

OK, well, that's interesting logic. Because I imagine those professors (and such what such?) probably wanted an open national search for a new president, and clearly they were denied that process. So, their power must be a nebulous thing. Or, one might argue, an invisible and nonexistent thing. No search. No vetting of Dr. McGinity. No input solicited, or in fact, desired. Wow, such power. In fact, I'm guessing they don't really want any power (unlike the Trustees), but would just like a seat at the table as mandated by UW regulations.

All the details of McGinity's contract for $375,000 in annual compensation are not yet finalized, Baldwin, the UW spokesman, said. But the contract will specifically preclude a buyout, providing instead that McGinity would return to his former position as Bill Daniels Chair of Business Ethics should he or the board decide to discontinue his presidency, Baldwin said.

In September, Sternberg appointed McGinity interim vice president for academic affairs, a vacancy created after Sternberg asked former UW Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Myron Allen to step down.

Flanked by trustees who had approved his presidency minutes before, McGinity lifted his reading glasses to his face. He started his presidency reading a chart of tuition rates.

"I don't think anybody's going to question that [McGinity] is fulfilling all the functions of the presidency," UW Faculty Senate Chairman Colin Keeney said. "But to just blatantly come out and name him [president] that would not play well at all," he said before the trustees announced their decision.

LARAMIE The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees on Thursday named Dick McGinity president effective immediately in a move that bypassed faculty and staff calls for more input on the matter.

they have chosen. They should be ashamed of themselves for the way they handles the hiring process of Sternberg and for encouraging him to gut the UW. I hope McGinity can bring everything back together, because the board isn't capable of doing it.

McGinity said he did not need persuasion to fill the role asked of him when Sternberg resigned last year.

less than five months on the job. "And we could not spend the amount of time necessary to begin a search, which normally run six months to a year, and have this university without leadership."

"I felt then and I feel now that I could help the university and its various constituencies at this particular time," McGinity said after the trustees' meeting. "To have this opportunity at this stage in my career is just, it's very exciting."

Trustees Brad Mead and Howard Willson also voted against appointing McGinity president.

Prior to September, McGinity taught two courses each semester in UW's College of Business.

Policy pass

Several UW faculty members told trustees Thursday that faculty and staff were not fairly consulted in the process, citing a policy in the board's bylaws that says trustees must "confer with an advisory committee from the University faculty and staff" before selecting a new president.

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McGinity called the presidency "an analogous opportunity" to his business career, during which he attempted to add value to the organizations he oversaw, he said.

He said his priorities are to educate students, do great research and respond to the constituencies in the state. Most immediately, he said, that means attending to UW's budget needs in the upcoming legislative session.

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Rick Miller, general counsel for UW, said trustees could choose whether to break their own policy to appoint McGinity president without consulting a faculty and staff committee. "Your policy says that you will consult with a committee of faculty and staff," Miller said. "Your appointment is not invalid as a matter of law [if you do not consult with a committee], but you Air Huarache Original Colors

McGinity is founder and president of an investment banking firm, School Street Capital Group, Inc., which guides business owners looking for growth, capital, acquisitions or liquidity. Among other corporate governance, McGinity served as chairman of the board at an oil and gas exploration company, Canada Southern Petroleum, and director of the Wyoming Business Council from 2002 to 2010. He co chaired the council with former Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal in 2004 and 2005.

He declined to comment on the board's decision to bypass its policy calling for an advisory faculty and staff committee.

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Trustees voted 9 3 in favor of appointing McGinity president for a term lasting until June 30, 2016.

McGinity is a former investment banker and Wyoming Business Council director who served as interim president since Dec. 6, when trustees appointed him to fill the role left vacant by Sternberg's resignation Nov. 14.

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University of Wyoming trustees name McGinity president

"You have impressed one hell of a lot of people," Trustee Warren Lauer said before voting against the appointment. "That is a real hat tipper to you. I have reluctance not with you, Dick McGinity. But I have reluctance about how we got there."

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Some trustees said the need to project a stable image and ensure long term leadership at UW warranted deviation from the policy.

Some trustees echoed faculty concerns before voting against McGinity's appointment.

"We are dealing today in extraordinary circumstances," trustees President Dave Bostrom said, referring to the trustees' last search process, which resulted in the hiring of former UW President Bob Sternberg. Sternberg resigned after Air Huarache Oregon Ducks

Some staff were concerned that the trustees' decision, if made without a candidate search, would leave a "time honored process" undone, Staff Senate President Jim Logue said. "We are happy to have this accidental president," Logue said. "But I think there is a concern that a process to get to this point hasn't happened."

Less than a month ago Bostrum was saying that the board would take it's time in hiring Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra Breathe a new president. Now all of a sudden stability at the UW is a problem. AT least some of the board board supported and Sternberg to cause this unstable situation. The instability at UW is the Board of Trustees and Bostrum. They can't make up their minds and hold to the path Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Men

are clearly not following your policy."

It was business as usual after the trustees appointed McGinity president here late Thursday afternoon.

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