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For example, it is no longer permissible to build anything over two or three stories in most areas in midtown, and special emphasis is being made to ensure that development be compatible with adjacent neighborhoods. Consideration of solar access is now required by the Planning Commission and Design Review Committee, architectural design variations have been written into the codes to prevent "canyonization" of our corridors and the city has enacted protection of all Huaraches White And Grey

costly, unaccountable and unnecessary attempt to undermine that democratic process.

One of our first tasks was to define what a viewshed is. The definition we all agreed on was "The natural and man made environments in and around Ventura that are of particular scenic, iconic or historic value, and are visible from one or more public places." We identified 16 public viewsheds that fit that description, including multiple views of two trees, the hillsides and the ocean. We also included well designed and historic buildings that are also part of a public viewshed and enhance our sense of place, such as City Hall, historic churches and the Rubicon Theatre.

Nike Air Huarache Textile Women's

Unnecessary and usurps democratic process

Democracy is about engaging citizens to help make important decisions that affect our quality of life. In Ventura, we've had neighborhood charettes, a visioning process and, recently, the efforts of a citizen View Protection Task Force. But now we have Measure B, a Nike Air Huarache Hyper Punch

16 public viewsheds identified by the task force. These are significant changes made by the city from previous city codes, which at one time allowed building up to six stories tall. We don't need Measure B.

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Nike Air Huarache Textile Women's

Nike Air Huarache Textile Women's

Nike Air Huarache Textile Women's

Nike Air Huarache Textile Women's

Nike Air Huarache Textile Women's

Nike Air Huarache Textile Women's

Measure B is costly and unaccountable. Ventura's citizens are being Nike Air Huarache Light Premium

Task force members are proud of the work we completed, and the policy recommendations we made to Nike Air Huarache Textile Women's the City Council have been widely accepted. Many of our recommendations have been adopted by the City Council and the city has changed its codes accordingly.

Brett Becker and Lisa Burton were appointed by the Ventura City Council as members of the View Protection Task Force. Brett was co chairman of the committee. Lisa is a midtown resident.

What's interesting is that during the discovery process, the task force found that even existing one story buildings can block views. And, we recognized that balancing view preservation with the need for revitalization of our commercial corridors, affordable housing, sustainability, the overwhelming desire not to sprawl and reducing our carbon footprint was paramount for this community.

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Measure B is detrimental to our city's prosperity and efforts to be sustainable. Measure B seeks to impose a two year moratorium on all projects, both commercial and single family, of 26 feet or more. This would set back any efforts to revitalize our commercial corridors more than two years because the city, businesses and homeowners will be in a limbo until a lawsuit is resolved.

asked to usurp the efforts of the city appointed View Protection Task Force and hand over to a special interest group (VCORD) the power to appoint 20 of 23 members to write a city ordinance to do what already has been done. The legality of this is in question because the Ventura City Charter clearly states that a city board can be appointed only by our elected representatives. VCORD says it is legal. City Hall says it is not, which means that if Measure B passes, it likely will be disputed in a costly lawsuit, with the bill being footed by taxpayers.

Last year, we had the opportunity to participate in the city's View Protection Task Force, which was given the specific charge to study the issue of viewshed protection and make policy recommendations to the City Council. The committee was composed of a broad representation of citizens, including VCORD, environmentalists, architects, Chamber of Commerce, neighborhood councils and others. After months of study, we reached consensus and submitted a 60 plus page document of our recommendations to the City Council.

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