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industry in 2010, Latchininsky said.

Aral Sea Catastrophe," which poses the question: "Is one of the world's greatest environmental disasters reversible?"

Overseas, his focus turns to locusts.

He won gold medals in men's singles and men's doubles and a bronze in mixed doubles. This year's showing brings his three year total haul from the Huntsman to seven gold medals, a silver and a bronze.

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He's traveled to more than 40 countries to study locusts and been featured on the Discovery Channel and History Channel.

But, while his thoughts were with his father during the games, this month they will turn to science and the presenting of findings during a UW Faculty Senate Speaker Series event.

Away from campus, he's a decorated, gold medal winning senior athlete in a sport with an international flavor badminton.

October was a big month in the career of Latchininsky in the latter category, just as November is shaping up to be in Huarache Nike Gold

Professionally, Latchininsky, 54, a Laramie resident and native of St. Petersburg, Russia, is an associate professor/extension entomologist for the University of Wyoming, or, as he described it, a "bug guy."

On Oct. 15, the UW Badminton Club member and former player for St. Petersburg State University competed in the Hunstman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah, an event he's participated in for three years.

"He taught me to play," his son said. "My medals are for him."

The drying out of the Aral Sea, a lake between Kazakhstan to the north and Uzbekistan to the south, is a "textbook example of the demise of an entire region through the unsustainable use of natural resources," Latchininsky wrote.

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But, it wasn't the results that meant as much to Latchininsky as it was who they were dedicated to his father, Vsevolod.

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Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Men's Shoe

After all, both rely on a heavy dose of the cerebral.

On Nov. 29, he is slated to present "The Nike Huaraches Womens

He said the region around the Aral Sea became a "disaster zone."

Efforts are being made to improve the situation, he said, though progress is measured in increments.

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the former.

While Latchininsky is well versed in the situation at the Aral Sea, it's a diversion from his regular areas of study.

"Our goal is to limit these negative influences of grasshoppers."

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"The lake ecosystem revealed a great resilience, showing signs of slow recovery," Latchininsky wrote. "The history of the Aral Sea illustrates that we can, with sufficient social humility, scientific knowledge and political will, recognize and fix our own mistakes, making the world a better place."

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"Because of the diversion of water from its tributaries for irrigation, the surface of the lake shrank by 80 percent and the volume by 90 percent over 50 years," Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Men's Shoe he wrote. "The emerged sea bottom became a 13 million acre desert."

Vsevolod died of an asthma attack in St. Petersburg on the exact day a year earlier, while his son was playing in the Huntsman. He was 78, the man who put a racquet in Latchininsky's hands when he was 7 or 8 years old.

Methods of grasshopper control developed at UW saved an estimated $11 million to Wyoming's agriculture Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra Black

University of Wyoming professor has a game plan

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"They interfere and compete with cattle for forage," he said.

Each year, grasshoppers destroy at least 25 percent of range land forage, an estimated $1 billion annual pest problem.

A UW faculty member since 2003, he's also a consultant for the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization.

LARAMIE Read the following words from Alexandre Latchininsky and it's hard to discern which of the two favorite subjects his science or his preferred sport he's discussing.

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Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Men's Shoe

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Breathe Men's Shoe

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