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"We're not anti pipeline," Foy said. "We just want a say in this thing."

Hiland Crude LLC wants to install another.

The oil company, owned by billionaire Harold Hamm, offered Foy a one time payment of $22,400 for running 3.5 miles of pipeline on his land for a lifetime. Foy said the payment wasn't worth the liability. He refused to sign, worried the deal wouldn't protect him if the company abandoned the pipe, changed hands or went belly up.

When pipelines cave in or otherwise fail 40 or 50 years after the Air Huarache Nm Black

Fifty percent of landowners in the pipeline's pathway are not involved with the group, said Hiland Crude's Suttle. Of the half who aren't in the group, 70 percent have signed the contract or made verbal agreements with Hiland, Nike Huarache All Black he said.

"I am aware of pipelines that have gone bankrupt, but I am not aware of pipelines that are walked away from because of the value of those commodities," he said.

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"The parent companies start LLCs and only put in an amount of money that they're willing to risk," Falen said. "For landowners, everything is at risk."

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When landowners need to track down companies, they often track down Nike Air Huarache Triple Black On Feet

Ranchers can be responsible for damages that happen to the pipelines and can be accountable for cleanup and accidents especially if the pipeline company goes out of business, Falen said.

"They're here today and gone tomorrow," Magagna said.

Rocky Foy has 11 pipelines running through his property.

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"It's like someone coming to your house and saying, 'I want that room,'" said Darin Miske, a Montana rancher and board member of the new group. "And you can't do anything about it."

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Employees on the pipeline can come and go as they please. They come in helicopters and they come in trucks, he said.

landowners a pipeline would be built on their property.

There are unintended consequences of housing pipelines on private land. Foy has had three fires on his land. One destroyed his haystacks and winter feed for his cattle. The company repaid him for the damages, but it couldn't make up for the time that went into repairing and restoring his operation, he said.

The major companies that are drilling wells are fellow corporate citizens in Wyoming, Magagna said. Pipeline companies are a different story.

agreement, it's not easy to track down the owners of the pipeline, said Jim Magagna, executive vice president of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association.

The giants of the energy industry don't use parent companies when dealing with private land owners, Falen said. They create limited liability companies. Hiland Crude LLC is a subsidiary of Hiland Partners. The profits will flow to the parent company, Falen said, but Foy would only be able to go after Hiland Crude if he needed to pursue legal action.

The new Hiland pipeline will connect Rocky Mountain crude to the rest of the world, said Jim Suttle, senior vice president of Hiland Crude. He said crude in the Bell Creek area of Wyoming may also get tied into the pipeline.

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The group's name is the Wyoming Montana Land Stewardship LLC. It has members from both states because the line will transport Bakken crude from North Dakota through Baker, Mont., into Campbell, Converse and Platte counties to connect with a pipeline in Guernsey.

empty shells, Falen said.

When companies want to install pipelines, it's a big risk with no reward for landowners, said Frank Falen, legal counsel from Budd Falen law offices in Cheyenne who represents the new group.

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Foy isn't alone in his battle against the company. He and other ranchers have lassoed more than 100 landowners in the pipeline's 462 mile path to start a group that will push for what they say are fairer contracts.

"The people who stand to make millions get to specifically design their risks," Falen said.

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Companies that ship crude don't let it sit in a pipeline forever, Suttle said. It won't spill because people get it to market, he said. Pipelines that are no longer in use seldom sit and rot, he said, because people use the metal and sell it as scrap.

Suttle said pipelines aren't abandoned because there are two valuable commodities at stake: crude and steel.

But since the others refused, they are in jeopardy of facing off against Hiland in court. Hiland will send out its final offer in the coming days, Falen said. The next step is condemnation. If the landowners don't accept, Hiland will be able to bring them to court two weeks after the letters are sent.

unhappy with Hiland pipeline deals

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Hiland came to the home of state Sen. John Hines, R Gillette. The company gave him an offer he didn't like. He told them to "take the papers and get out," he told the Star Tribune. He said he has numerous pipelines on his land and joined the landowners' group to help create a new standard for negotiating with companies in the industry. They are abusing eminent domain, he said.

Even though Foy snubbed the contract, Hiland doesn't have to reroute.

"You never know what they're up to," he said.

"They're paid for the (market value) of the land, but not paid for the industrial risk," Falen said. "There's a misconception that simply compensating them for (market value) also compensates them for risk. They don't get 10 cents for that transfer of risk."

In April, Oklahoma based Hiland sent out letters telling Nike Huarache Trainer Black

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