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Honors House

To earn University Honors, students must participate in civic engagement each semester they are in the program. Abroad and Earning University Honors

take it either fall or spring of their first year, and then take one more lower division Honors course at some point in their first two years. Typically, they take one upper division, seminar each semester of their junior year. During the senior year, Honors students complete a year long interdisciplinary thesis or project. Each seminar counts in multiple GE Pathways and multiple GE upper division disciplinary areas. If you are completing a Pathway minor, one of your two seminars should Huarache Utility White Camo

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Honors House at Konkow Hall is a special apartment style living option available to students participating in the Honors Program. There are four Honors houses at Konkow Hall, including a sustainability house and an international house, that provide unique living options for first year students. Honors House is unlike a standard residence hall in that the houses are designed more like apartments, with a living room and kitchen, to support communal living among residents.

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An Honors in the Major thesis may be substituted for the University Honors thesis requirement; in that case, take one or two non Honors upper division courses that, with the upper division Honors seminars, complete a Pathway.

fall in your Pathway. Your senior thesis or project must fit within the Pathway you intend to complete, and your proposed project is subject to approval of the Pathway coordinator. Your Pathway seminar and senior thesis or project must cover the three upper division disciplinary areas: Natural Sciences (UD B), Humanities (UD C) and Social Sciences (UD D). After the first semester, you will typically take one Honors course a semester, but you are not formally required to be enrolled in an Honors course every semester to remain in the program.

University Honors

Students whose GPA falls below 3.3 but remains above 3.0 will be placed on Honors probation and allowed to remain in the Honors Nike Air Huarache Ultra Women's Red

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In order to earn University Honors at graduation, the final GPA be 3.3 or above. Engagement Requirement

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In Honors Survey of Civilization (HSC), 35 students and three faculty examine the history of our species from Nike Huarache Black And White Ultra hunter gatherers to suburbanites through art, literature, philosophy, psychology, biology, and economics. HSC counts for any the following four GE areas: A2, any one C, any one D, E. These courses may not be taken earlier than your last semester as a sophomore.

Program if they make satisfactory progress toward improving their GPA.

Note: leaving Chico for foreign lands, students must consult with the Honors Faculty Advisor to determine which courses may satisfy the upper division requirements. Courses taken abroad cannot be retroactively substituted for theme courses, so be sure to speak with the Advisor beforehand.

Studying abroad is a valuable experience, and the Honors Program encourages its students to spend a semester or academic year abroad. Honors students may complete one or two of the required upper division Honors seminars while studying abroad. To earn such a substitution, students will be required to substantially incorporate their study abroad experience in their senior thesis. Lower division Honors requirements cannot be satisfied abroad.

HSC LINK: you enroll in all three sections of HNRS 120 for a total of 9 units; no exceptions; counts as three Honors classes, and one WI.

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University Honors allows students to participate in a vibrant academic community throughout their entire career at Chico State. Honors students satisfy nearly half of their General Education (GE) requirements by taking distinctive Honors courses that provide interdisciplinary approaches to big questions. University Honors is compatible with the pursuit of every Pathway minor. Some students may be eligible for modification of the total unit requirement. Most Honors students will take one Honors course in each semester of their first four semesters to meet the 12 unit requirement. Honors students also have the opportunity to enroll in Honors Survey of Civilization (HSC), a 9 unit, team taught course that explores the great sweep of human history from a multi disciplinary perspective. Students who take HSC will typically Nike Air Huarache Womens All Black

Students interested in studying abroad should contact CSU, Chico Study Abroad to find out about program options, requirements, and application procedures. Students should then contact the Honors Faculty Advisor to discuss their plans.

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Students whose GPA falls below 3.0 will be removed from the program.

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