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Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

Some observations: I checked one of the sites they blocked at random, and they're using Google Analytics to track views. GA can be used to track a hell of a lot of things, as I'm sure every reader of this site knows, including location of views. They're also using Pikwik analytics. is OSS, so they could have modified the code to do some thing GA doesn't. However, many of the other sites blocked don't even register. In fact, they all seem like those extremely shady sites that very few people would ever actually visit. DHS ICE seem to have some sort of facility there, but I've not been able to find much info on it at all. seems to have been hosted in Egypt beforehand. This one's been compromised. If they see it as their role to control my information, it doesn't matter if we find a new Nike Huarache Black Tumblr DNS system, their agenda is set. My DNS server is not broke, the government is. Lets fix the problem, not the internet.

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

wladimir 1369 days ago Air Huarache Ultra

ig1 1369 days ago link

Wikileaks did have their name seized in the US, it happened as part of the "Bank Julius Baer vs. Wikileaks lawsuit" but it was overturned with the judge citing First Amendment concerns (ACLU and EFF filed motions in Wikileaks defence).

"My DNS server is not broke, the government is. Lets fix the problem, not the internet."Yes, the government is broken in this regard, Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra Black

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

Is this only a DNS block? Can you still get to these websites by pointing your browser directly to an IP address?

Andrew_Quentin 1369 days ago linkig1 1369 days ago linksrbloom 1369 days ago link

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

but I would contend that your DNS is broken, too, and here's why. Your DNS provides your computer Nike Huarache Silver Grey

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

with directions to the next point of interest. Right now, it's pointing you to where you don't want to go because it's been told to, or the government has illegally seized the final location, etc. In this way, the DNS server is broken. (where broken in this context means "not doing what you want").

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr


US Government Censors 70 Websites

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

sukuriant 1369 days ago link

Pretty shocking. ISPs, web hosts, search engines, ICANN, governments, browser vendors, OS vendors, and more all have to cooperate for a domain to work. has a track record of going after only a few criminals, not performing political censorship. So do all the players. The Internet that we know today is really NSFNet that was created because the DoD was sick of freeloaders riding on ARPANET. The DoD had very little input on the creation of NSFNet. It's a fascinating look at how the Internet was created and focuses mainly on the financial and management side of the creation from about 1965 85.

Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

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