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There are several procedural hurdles to the commission's report even being referred to the council, and ultimately, permanent council members that have veto power, such as China, are unlikely to support any referral to the court.

The report refers to murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortion, sexual violence, forcible transfers and forced disappearances, and persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds. It also cites the overall system of political repression, the "songbun" class system that discriminates against North Koreans on the basis of their family's perceived loyalty to the regime, and executions and Nike Huarache Black White Grey punishment through forced labour in the North's gulag.

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But the commission leaves open other avenues for action. General Assembly and the Human Rights Council should extend the mandate of special human rights monitoring of North Korea, and it proposes the Geneva based council establish a structure to help ensure accountability, in particular regarding crimes against humanity, that would build on evidence and documentation the commission has compiled.

statute came into force. An alternative the kind of ad hoc tribunals set up in Cambodia and Sierra Leone also appears unlikely, at least for now. Those tribunals were formed with the consent of their current governments.

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The commission will formally present its findings to the rights council on March 17, and the 48 member body will likely consider which of the report's recommendations it wants to support.

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murder and torture, and suffering during the famine of the late 1990s. The commission says it plans to release on Monday, along with the report, a 372 page document with excerpts of witness testimony.

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from experts about North Korea's network of camps, estimated to hold 80,000 to 120,000 political prisoners, and about access to food in the country, where many children suffer stunted growth because of malnutrition.

Another obstacle is that the court's jurisdiction does not extend to crimes committed before July 2002, when its Nike Huarache White And Black Womens

Testimony by North Korean defectors at last year's hearings produced chilling accounts of systematic rape, Nike Huarache White And Peach

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The commission, which conducted a yearlong investigation, has found evidence of an array of crimes, including "extermination," crimes against humanity against starving populations and a widespread campaign of abductions of individuals in South Korea and Japan.

Its report does not examine in detail individual responsibility for crimes but recommends steps toward accountability. than its nuclear and missile programs. sanctions directed at its weapons programs. official, speaking anonymously for the same reason, confirmed the main conclusions.

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panel has found crimes against humanity have been committed in North Korea and will call for an international criminal investigation, The Associated Press has learned. But justice remains a distant prospect, not least as North Korea's ally, China, would be likely to block any referral to the International Criminal Court.

United Nations commission concludes crimes against humanity committed in North Korea

Other than speaking to defectors, the commission heard Nike Huarache Yellow

The report concludes that the testimony and other information it received, "create reasonable grounds . Mission in New York who refused to give his name told the AP: "We totally reject the unfounded findings of the Commission of Inquiry regarding crimes against humanity. member states have made that determination. Hawk testified before the commission, but has not seen its report. Security Council refer its findings to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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Last October, Kirby told the General Assembly that when the commission delivers its final report, "the international community will be obliged to face its responsibilities and decide what concrete action it will take" to protect the North Korean people.

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