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To be the most cost effective, on the other hand, Zhang also aims to optimize the size of the model to meet the needs of a given scenario.

One of those students is Dongdong Wong, who is working on a master's degree and has worked with Zhang for about a year.

This year, Zhang has been using the National Center for Atmospheric Research Wyoming Supercomputing Center near Cheyenne to model underground injection of carbon dioxide for long term storage. Conditions underground determine the movement of the compressed gas which forms a liquid like fluid under high pressure and possible leaks. The goal is to develop a cost effective model of a complex reality.

Ye Zhang, who works in the Department of Geology and Geophysics, has been at UW for about six years.

"If you have the funds to collect additional measurements, say if you have the money to Air Huarache Womens

University of Wyoming professor seeks to understand underground liquids

Nike Huarache For Men

Nike Huarache For Men

drill two more wells what's the best location to drill these wells to give the maximum information?" she said. "Then you would reduce the model uncertainty and improve the model prediction."

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Nike Huarache For Men

"We have to come up with clever algorithms to solve large systems of equations simultaneously," she said.

Zhang said the complexity and non uniformity of the underground environment sometimes requires a more detailed model, thus the need for the supercomputer.

"The study outcomes will lead to the development of practical, efficient and cost effective geological carbon sequestration simulation methodology," Mingkan said.

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"Dr. Ye Zhang still perseveres in doing her research work, although she has lots of projects to manage," Mingkan said.

The only way to really know what's going on underground is to drill a well. But one well won't answer all the questions, while drilling too many wells causes different problems.

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"My goal has always been to address realistic problems," she said.

be too expensive to build and would not make our model more accurate in terms of running the predictions of interest," she said.

"One of our objectives is trying to determine what is the necessary detail we want to build in the model 'necessary' meaning we can capture predictions that we are interested in, but not in any more detail that would Huarache Triple White Womens

In 2004, she worked as a research intern for Chevron in San Ramon, Calif.

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He said he's impressed with the amount of research Zhang does, despite other responsibilities as a professor.

"All of these are real world problems that can benefit society if we learn to do them well, or Nike Huarache For Men if I can teach my students to do them well," she said.

drill too many holes. Secondly, when you drill too many holes, you destroy the subsurface you're trying to study."

The applications are many from aquifers to oil wells, carbon sequestration projects and enhanced oil recovery.

Mingkan Zhang, a postdoctoral research associate working with Ye Zhang, said the project will have tangible results for researchers.

"It's almost impossible to understand the subsurface completely," Zhang said. "First, it's too expensive to Huarache Nike Mens Shoes

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Her work in the area of subsurface hydrogeology fits that goal, with potential benefits for aquifer management, oil field management and carbon storage and sequestration.

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Though always interested in math and science, she discovered an aptitude and interest in hydrogeology while working on an undergraduate degree in her native China. She later moved to the United States for graduate studies in hydrogeology and related fields.

That's where Zhang's research comes in. She builds computer models that run simulations of underground fluid movement. A good model could help decide the best location for a well and the best rate at which to pump liquids in or out of the subsurface.

LARAMIE University of Wyoming associate professor Ye Zhang's research will always bump up against an insurmountable dilemma.

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Zhang, a computer modeler who studies subsurface hydrogeology, strives to understand the way liquids move underground, whether that liquid is water, oil or some other substance.

"Model building, calibration, understanding model errors, how to test for uncertainties in model results, that's basically what I do," she said.

Zhang said understanding where uncertainty exists and there's always some is an important element of a subsurface model and can direct future exploration.

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