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Nike Huarache For Women

Nike Huarache For Women

"It's not going to stop some of the new customers though as they actually quite like it. They don't have the constraints of a bank and you can literally go to pawnbrokers and within 15 minutes walk out with 30,000, but it will certainly have an impact."

says the reluctance of the banking sector to lend in recent years has certainly helped the industry, and thanks to the internet and changing attitudes, pawnbroking has become a lot more accessible and acceptable.

"The typical customer is still under 40 and not on a Huarache Nike Red

"We also deal with sports agencies who come to us in advance of the transfer windows and need the money earlier on.

Nike Huarache For Women

Separately, a survey showed a decline in small firms using a bank overdraft or loan in the past two years. The survey of 11,000 firms by the Federation of Small Businesses indicated that only one in 10 firms obtained a bank loan in 2011.

"Before the financial crash, the high end market didn't need our service, but it's much harder to get credit, there was always a bank they can go to, but all that is not available as it once was"

Sparkle tends to lend on a mixture of property and valuables.

For decades pawnbrokers were places where the "average" person visited, but in these tough economic times, even cash strapped businesses are turning to them as banks are failing to lend.

One Manchester business that is seeing the benefits of the banks reluctance to lend to SMEs, is Sparkle Money.

However this growth is dependent on whether the banks are going to start lending again said Milligan.

"Perception has definitely changed in the last couple of years," he says.

"We've lent money on very expensive Boodles jewellery, high end art work, and luxury cars.

Mr Milligan said: "Whether we see more businesses use pawnbroking as an alternative will be dependant on the banks and whether they are going to start lending properly again.

The figures also confirmed that the five banks, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, Barclays and HSBC, had missed their lending target to small businesses.

"Going to a pawnbroker makes a lot of sense for them because it's short term from a just a few days to a few weeks. It allows them to either pay their suppliers or wages or in January it allows them to pay for hefty VAT bills.

Nike Huarache For Women

Figures from the Bank of England under the Project Merlin deal showed that total net lending from the five main UK banks' fell in every quarter of 2011. The figures, which include loan repayments, show a 3 per cent drop in net lending in the final quarter of 2011.

Nike Huarache For Women

"We once got a Porshe, a diamond ring and a Cartier watch by a client who was pawning them to pay legal fees for a divorce.

Nike Huarache For Women

It was set up in 2008 by Jonathan Caplan and Richard Basso and is a discreet online pawnbroking service, allowing the posh to release money from their assets to tide them over during hard times.

Mr Caplan said: "We're only in the high net worth market. We're not looking to tide people over until their wages come in, most of our clients are wealthier individuals and businesses

And it's not Nike Air Huarache Iron Green

Caplan said: "Businesses have lost their factoring deals and invoice discounting deal because the banks don't want to do it.

"The businesses are sound, they Nike Huarache For Women just don't have enough cash.

"But what has happened since 2008, and even more recently in the last nine months, is that the larger chains have seen more affluent people, often SMEs going to pawnbrokers rather than borrowing money from the banks.

"There's always been some businesses that have gone to pawnbrokers but this is beginning to grow."

Des Milligan, former chief executive of the National Pawnbrokers Association, Nike Huarache Gold And White

Nike Huarache For Women

high income and that is the core of the business and will continue to be for a long time.

They saw a gap in the market a few years ago when property developers, who were short of funds to complete deals, went to pawnbrokers to borrow money on jewellery, paintings and cars.

Nike Huarache For Women

Nike Huarache For Women

"What we tend to do is that we will loan on a mix of properties they own, and valuables and give them a revolving overdraft facility.

Just over one in three used their overdraft facility, it suggested.

up SMEs swapping their banks for pawnbrokers

Sparkle only deals with loans of 5,000 or more with interest rates at 4 per cent per month.

just spare bits of gold presented for cash. Pawnbrokers are receiving everything from luxury cars to Rolex watches and even private boats, as SMEs look for short term financial help.

There are 1,800 pawnbroking shops in the UK, with 234 in the north west. Nearly 1300 of those are large chains including New Bond Street , H Albemarle and Bond. The sector lends around 900m a year.

Nike Huarache For Women

Nike Huarache For Women

Nike Huarache For Women

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