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Updates after different Malaysia Airlines Nike Air Huarache Utility

"The search will always continue, it's just a matter of approach"

No major developments to report, but he reiterated once again that the search "will always continue".

That's the end of transport minister Hishamuddin Hussein's latest press conference.

He said relationships with the families of Chinese passengers on board MH370 which have previously been extremely strained are improving. And that the cost of the search was, at the moment, not something he was focused on.

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"I am cautiously optimistic in that there are many friends of Malaysia out there. that have not come on board just yet because of geographical reasons. who have been wanting to come forward to assist us.

He said he had been approached with offers of funds from a number of countries who, so far, have not been able to assist with the hunt in other ways.

Australian officials said today that the underwater search could be completed within a week. Navy deep sea autonomous underwater vehicle is scouring a remote stretch Nike Huarache Grey White of the Indian Ocean for signs of the plane after nearly two months without a sign of the wreckage.

This could give clues about how any surface debris may have dispersed. Naval spokesman said the drone would take up to two months to search its designated area, but on Thursday the Australian Joint Agency Coordination Centre said that was now incorrect.

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Nike Huarache Grey White

"This is not to stop the operations, but to consider other approaches which may include widening the scope of the search and using other assets that could be relevant to the search operations.

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through detailed acoustic analysis conducted on the four signal detections made by the Towed Pinger Locator," the JACC said in a statement.

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Nike Huarache Grey White

However he stressed that the cost of any salvage operation at the bottom of the Indian Ocean would be "huge".

He says there has been an improvement in relations between officials and the relatives of Chinese passengers on board MH370, which have been very tense.

"As we look into the deep water search. and salvaging at the depth of 4.5km. we have to look at contractors and the cost of that will Nike Air Huarache Nm White

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An expert on underwater searches says he is certain the search to find MH370 will be successful, and that the biggest challenges have been overcome.

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Hishammuddin Hussein, the acting Malaysian transport minister, says plans to "regroup and reconsider" if the current underwater search isn't successful within seven days does not mean the end of the hunt to find MH370.

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Nike Huarache Grey White

He says: "Take it from me, as the person in charge, that is the last thing I have been faced with."

The Joint Agency Coordination Centre said in a statement: "Provided the weather is favourable for launch and recovery of the AUV and we have a good run with the serviceability of the AUV, we should complete the search of the focused underwater area in five to seven days."

The analysis had created a "reduced and more focused underwater search area".

be huge.

"Many friends have come to me quietly who have said if we cannot send assets. we have funds."

plane forced to make emergency landing at Kuala Lumpur

"Since the US Navy provided comment some days ago, the underwater search has been significantly narrowed Huaraches Womens

Oceanographer Chari Pattiaratchi told CBC News "I have absolute confidence it will be found. It will take time, but it will be found."

The minister is asked about the financial cost of the search.

He adds that the most difficult part of any investigation of this nature is having to deal with the families, and they must also consider the relatives of those passengers of other nationalities.

He said at a press conference: "We will regroup and reconsider the SAR operations if there are no new updates in the given time.

Malaysia is working closely with the Chinese government, he says, and the relatives are to be briefed on the next stage of the search to stop any "speculation".

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