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The project came in $600 under budget partially due to the use of rock already available in the city and the work of city employees, Loukeh said.

The plants will soon be tagged with Quick Response codes that will hold all the plant information. The codes can be scanned with a smartphone to show Nike Huarache Ultra Women

Smaller rocks were brought in to create streambeds throughout the landscape that will provide water retention.

Treas "kind of went wild with it. We let him do whatever he wanted. We really wanted to make sure the plants he picked something would be in bloom all year round. "

The landscape has been fully planted with California native and drought tolerant plants, which will not only save the city money but will act as a living classroom to homeowners looking to cut down on the water bill.

Generation Water, a Los Angeles based nonprofit organization, was the primary contractor on the project.

Nike Huarache Maroon And White

Nike Huarache Maroon And White

Nike Huarache Maroon And White

"If he could design it I could probably build it," said Brian Duvardo, field manager for Generation Water.

Once fully developed the plants should be able to survive off rainfall and will only need to be trimmed twice a year.

The Toro Co. donated an irrigation system and controller that will feature high efficiency drip and spray emitters.

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the information.

The organization has also been working with the Inland Empire Utilities Agency to transform residential landscapes.

UPLAND The beginning of Spring is starting to show at the newly planted drought friendly landscape at the Upland Public Works Yard.

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Upland Public Works Yard landscape goes native

Some of the plants are starting to show colorful blossoms, while others may take some more time develop, Loukeh said.

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Several large rocks were transferred in from elsewhere in the city.

"Of course Upland has a lot of rock," Loukeh said. "This was actually a huge amount of work. Part of the reason cost was low was because our staff got some of the rock and actually moved it. "

The planting started with the help Huarache Shoes Nike 2018

"It's also much lower maintenance which will save us money, not just water. It's maintenance," Loukeh said.

About 80 percent of water in Upland is used to water landscapes, Loukeh said.

just think there's growing recognition that they like this aesthetic. They like this aesthetic and that this is best for Southern California where we only get a little more than foot of water a year. "

Burttec Waste Industries and Walmart donated mulch for the project.

"Some of these plants you can't tell yet, but if you were to drive up in the foothills you'd see them there. "

"I tried to put in more California native than drought friendly just because we have such great local plants," said Alison Loukeh, the city's water conservation specialist.

"It is a growing active area as people want to reduce the amount of water they use, reduce the amount of labor, materials and time they have to spend taking care of their site," said Marcus Castain, CEO of Generation Water.

Nike Huarache Maroon And White

Nike Huarache Maroon And White

Generation Water focuses on outdoor water efficiency and trains young adults for careers in water efficiency and sustainable landscaping.

Nike Huarache Maroon And White

The landscape will provide public awareness on water efficiency and help the city reach the statewide requirement to reduce water use by 20 percent by 2020.

of volunteers on Dec. 1 and was finished at the end of February.

Nike Huarache Maroon And White

The landscape was designed by a Generation Water employee Samuel Treas, a student in Cal Poly Pomona's landscape architecture program.

"So this is one way and it's really one landscape at a time. It's that small of an effort," Loukeh said. "It's a collective effort. You wouldn't see a huge amount of water savings on this. It's a small area, but this added Nike Huarache Maroon And White with other programs we're doing, added with toilets, now our gallons per capita per day is really starting to drop. "

Nike Huarache Maroon And White

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