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Dear [insert names of all tenants jointly and severally liable],

Thanks for the reply. Belowis my reasoning and actual response. Let me know thoughts or if I am too easy!?

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will be sufficient to make the future rent payments, please provide documentation.

I think you are on the right track in keeping the unit occupied if the payment will be coming in to you.

2. Address all communications to all tenants, as they are jointly severally liable. Also keep communications simple and to the point. your point.

away a tenant who has the resources to continue on, or who may find another job any day. I have chosen to initiallypursue option 3 in the short term.

Here is a sample of our late rent letter:

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Nike Huarache Ultra Run Br

Unemployed Tenant

One, get the dad to sign as a guarantor. Of course, dad must qualify as a guarantor. Some people use the term co signer rather than guarantor, but a co signer can become an occupant and you wouldn't want that.

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Now, this is where "joint and severable" comes into play. If your tenants aren't living in a rooming house, then you have just one lease with all three if them. One totalpayment due from all three, and if one doesn't pay the others are still responsible for covering the full amount.

1. Ask the tenants to select one responsible person to be the "point person" for the household. Have that person collect rent from all of the tenants and present onerent check toyou,on time everytime.

2) You noted in your e mail that the benefits Nike Air Huarache Womens Grey

Honestly. If he had the money Nike Huarache Men Blue

If dad is supporting, I suggest two things.

3) When you started the lease you had $19k in the bank ($15k savings, $4k checking) per your application. Are you able to make a payment via your savings? Please provide your bank statements.

1) Documentation from the office (Illinois unemployment department?) including the amount of payment ($1,570 +$660) and expected timing.

in savings and is choosing not to use it to pay his rent, that is a problem. and he needs to go. If he doesn't have the money and is thinking he can make it on future unemployment benefits, he needs a reality check.

Your rent is now past due. Please pay your rent promptly so you may continue to live in the unit that you now occupy.

Although not indicated in the original question the tenant informated me that he would 1) be able to bring the rent up to date (2 months) owed with an expected unemployment check in the near term, 2) that his benefits would be sufficient to make future rent payments and 3) that his dad would support him if needed and he offered to Nike Huarache Ultra Run Br provide documentationfor both 1 2. Ultimately,I have given him2 days to provide documentation before reaching out to the room mates in order discuss them paying his portion (as they jointly and severably liable and the security deposit included 2 months rent $6kwhich is divided equally amoung each tenant). See exact communication below:Thank you for the note. I appreciate the upfront communication and the offer to provide documentation. In order to help me understand the current situation, please provide the following:

Two, tell the tenant that real proof of the dad supporting him comes in the form of dad covering the rent that is due and then the tenant works out how to re pay dad without involving you. Notice to quit is your alternative.

Since the three roommates are jointly and severally liable, it is your duty to inform all of the tenants. They need to be aware of what is happening, because you will be holding all three accountable. Serve a PAY RENT OR QUIT notice now and offer to meet with them to make a plan to resolve this. It will either be pay now plan (how they will resolve this), or a move out plan (steps they need to take to vacate by a certain date.)

Edited Aug 4 2014, 06:37 by Marcia Maynard

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Nike Huarache Ultra Run Br

Nike Huarache Ultra Run Br

Thanks in advance. Please provide by COB Tuesday 5 of August or inform me of any delays. it is called PAY RENT OR QUIT.

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After a bit of thought I have weighed the cost of1) an eviction 2) early termination negotiation and 3) evaluatingwhetherI am turning Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

Nike Huarache Ultra Run Br

[On Company Letterhead that shows address and phone number]

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