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Nike Huarache Utility

Nike Huarache Utility

A new study exploring the well being of Ontario residents has discovered something that will come as no surprise to commuters who are constantly stuck in gridlock.

Nike Huarache Utility

Using data pulled from Statistics Canada and Huarache Ultra Breathe On Feet

Nike Huarache Utility

commercial space so people do not need to travel Nike Huarache Utility as far to work or shop, add more bike lanes and make communities more walkable.

Nike Huarache Utility

To ease the time crunch, the report calls for improvements to public transit and it suggests employers give employees more opportunities for teleworking or staggered shifts to avoid peak traffic times.

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The study for Ontario Trillium Foundation analyzed data from 1994 to 2010 and it is the first provincial report to explore the quality of life indicators in the Canadian Index of Wellbeing.

Nike Huarache Utility

Nike Huarache Utility

It found the average daily commute for Torontonians is 65.6 minutes, followed by 63.6 minutes for commuters from Oshawa and 59.2 minutes for Barrie residents.

University of Waterloo study says longer commutes are adding to 'time crunch' for Ontarians

The study by the University of Waterloo suggests Ontarians and all Canadians have made little progress finding a healthy work life balance and are trapped in a worsening "time crunch" thanks in part to longer commute times.

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People in Ontario have more flexible work hours than before and fewer workers are putting in more than 50 hours a week, but those positive changes are being offset by factors such as the longest commute times in Canada, according to a 68 page report released Tuesday.

Ontario's biggest growth was in the category of education, thanks to more regulated childcare spaces, an improving student educator ratio and higher university and high school completion rates. Still, the report cites the need for more affordable college and university tuition.

"In other words, working Ontarians have lost over an entire day's worth of free time to commuting and have increased the detrimental impact on the environment, on their health, and on their overall well being," the report states.

It also calls on urban planners to mix residential and Air Huarache Utility 3m Hologram Prm

By 2010, more than a quarter of Ontario couples with children and more than a quarter of single parents were reporting high levels of time pressure, and almost five per cent more females than males reported being squeezed by a "time crunch," a finding the report attributes to the higher number of women who provide unpaid care to seniors or are responsible for most of the "domestic tasks" in a relationship.

to a growing income gap, volatility in long term employment and lower job quality, the report found.

Overall, the average commute in Ontario increased from 47.1 minutes in 1994 to 53.5 minutes in 2010, a daily 6.4 minute increase that amounts to an additional 27 hours of commuting over a typical work year.

Nike Huarache Utility

other sources, the study looked at eight categories: education, community vitality, healthy populations, democratic engagement, environment, leisure and culture, time use and living standards.

The purpose of the report titled "How are Ontarians Really Doing?" is to spark political debate and action. It was released as candidates in October's municipal elections begin to unveil their ideas to ease traffic congestion and improve public transit access and service.

Ontario showed an improvement in living standards but the 6.4 per cent increase lags behind the rest of the country by nearly seven per cent. This is largely due Nike Huarache Light Pink

Nike Huarache Utility

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