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One player was "so surprised, because the apartment was set up, like, really nice."

More than two years later, as Wyoming was in the midst of investigating possible impermissible benefits to players in the volleyball program, that second player said she understood how her portion of the security deposit had been paid. The Star Tribune has obtained the university's internal investigation, along with dozens of emails, texts and other correspondences, to help reconstruct the issues that led to Yerty's abrupt resignation in early May.

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Another said she had no discussions with any volleyball Nike Huarache Utility Black staff about what to bring to the apartment. As far as the roommates knew, the items were purchased from garage sales. How they arrived to the apartment was a mystery.

When Wyoming officials said they had reported potential violations involving the volleyball program to the NCAA on June 18, the Nike Air Huarache Womens Black

While Wyoming officials forced out Yerty along with her husband, director of volleyball operations Lee Yerty, and associate head coach Jill Stucky and offered to Nike Air Huarache International Premium

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university estimated the total value of those benefits at $1,500 during the course of a two year period. But Yerty's disregard, whether blatant or unknowing, of NCAA rules has the Wyoming volleyball program in a serious predicament. Wyoming plans to wipe away most of the 2009 2011 seasons ones that ended in 13, 22 and 21 victories in hopes of avoiding further sanctions from the NCAA.

NCAA scandal on the surface.

And Kitic, upon her arrival, also found bedding, school supplies and furniture in her room. Lasic said that associate head coach "Jill [Stucky] and Carrie" set up Kitic's room.

Barbara Lasic and Jadranka Tramosljanin both joined the program prior to the 2009 season Lasic, originally from Livno, Bosnia, as a transfer from the New Mexico Military Institute, and Tramosljanin as a high school signee from Ruma, Serbia.

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The apartment was stocked with food, toiletries, bedding, household items and school supplies. It was even decorated with Wyoming volleyball pictures and a bucking horse statue, among other things, according to the internal investigation, which the Star Tribune received June 27.

The offer to pay a $300 security deposit was only the start, according to the report.

But in a Nov. 8, 2012 interview, Kitic said she did not pay the $300 security deposit.

The player received a check for the balance of the security deposit, $575, after a $25 carpet cleaning fee. The player kept $300 of the $575, but it wasn't until late July when she ultimately returned the "$250 or $275" to the volleyball office.

So how did it get to this point?

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The two players lived together for the 2009 10 academic year, and it is believed Tramosljanin moved out prior to the 2010 11 year. Another transfer player, believed to be Tamara Kitic, entered the Wyoming program prior to the 2010 11 season and needed a place to live. Kitic, who is from Nis, Serbia, said in the report that she had a previous living conflict with Tramosljanin and would prefer to live with Lasic.

The holdover roommate recalled a similar story. She said Yerty had paid for the former roommate's deposit and that Yerty told her at the time to "just keep it (the deposit) there" for the new roommate.

vacate nearly three seasons of victories, this is not a wild Huarache Ultra Mens Grey

The final roommate (it is unclear whether it was Kitic or Lasic) moved out in May 2012, and when the player told Yerty she was leaving the Shilo Park Apartment, she said Yerty instructed her to return Yerty's deposit.

Based on details in the report, it appears Yerty's email offer was to Lasic and it was Tramosljanin's security deposit that was ultimately paid by Yerty.

To secure a "nice" apartment at an off campus housing complex in Laramie, the player needed $300 for her portion of the security deposit.

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"I remember [the first player] telling me that coach Carrie gave the $300," she said in a Nov. 12, 2012, interview.

She said it was her understanding that the "deposit was paid" and that the money from the original roommate "was still there" and that all she was told "was to start paying rent as soon as I moved in on a monthly basis."

University of Wyoming volleyball probe shows repeated violations

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Through details in the internal report (the names of all former players involved were redacted) and Wyoming's roster and recruitment records from those three seasons, the Star Tribune believes the bulk of impermissible benefits centered on three foreign born players that were with the program during the 2009 11 seasons.

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When the two players moved into the Shilo Park Apartments in August 2009, both were met with a surprise.

But the lingering issue of the security deposit was far more severe. Yerty alluded to as much in her Nov. 7, 2012, interview with the investigators hired by Wyoming to conduct the inquiry. Yerty told investigators the reason "we were under investigation and that we were going to get fired" was because she had paid the security deposit. Yerty asserted "we did not pay their rent or deposit" in that interview.

But the report concluded that Tramosljanin did not pay her portion of the security deposit in August 2009, and when she moved out did not attempt to reclaim her share of the security deposit.

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