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Calling the theft a "despicable breach of trust", Judge Murphy said: "Undertakers are, for the most part, decent, honest and honourable people. When a person breaches the trust that the deceased and his relatives put in them, the public must know that appropriate sentences will be imposed."

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Nike Huarache Utility Khaki

Nike Huarache Utility Khaki

Nike Huarache Utility Khaki

After the sentencing, Adam Heath, a partner at John Heath and Sons, told The Star Warrington's actions were "totally isolated".

"I didn't see the name on it, I wasn't aware whose flat I was at," he said.

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"He had some jewellery on, which we placed at the side of the bed on the bedside table. There was a police officer stood by the door."

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Ms Stanley said her father was "paranoid" about keeping his money safe, adding: "He would never spend. If he wanted something he would wait for three months and then get it."

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He said he first tried to withdraw 100 but, noticing the PIN Nike Huarache Grey Blue

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Nike Huarache Utility Khaki

"I went in and had a look around because at that moment I didn't know how my dad had died," she said.

Judge Michael Murphy QC said: "It seems to me very likely the deceased was going to put his card, wallet and book in some place he considered safe when his life passed.

He claimed he found the bank Huarache All White Mens

Warrington told the court he noticed a PIN number written on the card, and decided to withdraw cash the next day.

"He used it knowing where it Nike Huarache Utility Khaki came from, so he could benefit himself.

Undertaker stole dead man's bank card and siphoned cash

Andrew Kershaw, prosecuting, told the court police officers later discovered letters containing details of loan and credit card debts hidden in a road atlas in the boot of Warrington's car.

Mr Heath said he was "shocked and surprised" when Warrington was arrested, and that the firm dismissed him when the allegations came to light.

Giving evidence, Warrington said he spent Air Huarache Lowrider

"It would be very close to his body, easily noticed by Mr Warrington.

The court heard the undertakers were called to transport the body to Sheffield's mortuary at the Medico Legal Centre in Upperthorpe.

Mr Broomhead said he didn't see a bank card near the body, or Mr Hillman's bank books.

Warrington's colleague Steve Broomhead, who helped collect Mr Hillman's body, said Warrington asked to go to the toilet when they arrived at the flat, and also smoked a cigarette outside before the police arrived.

"There was money in his coat pocket 200 but no bank cards."

"This was an individual acting alone," he said. "It's awful he was a well paid and successful funeral director. We don't know why he's done it, it's just crackers."

"The passbook was also missing they would have been of no use to anyone using the card. These were disposed of."

"We always check for valuables on the deceased," he said. "We remove them at the scene and leave them in the property.

card "in the gutter" while smoking outside before taking the body away.

only "a couple of seconds" alone in the house when he went to the toilet.

Louise Stanley, Mr Hillman's daughter, told the court she became worried about her father when she was unable to contact him on the phone. She said she called her father's care worker Robert Barnsley, and went to Mr Hillman's third floor flat with police, where they discovered the body.

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number worked, cancelled the transaction and chose 250 instead, taking a total of 750.

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