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Nike Huarache White And Peach

Nike Huarache White And Peach

According to the study, almost 40% of the long term uninsured and about one third of the short term uninsured said that they were unable to see a doctor in the past year because of costs. By contrast, just over 7% of those with insurance said that they had been unable to see a doctor.

Uninsured Fail to Get Basic Medical Care

Ayanian tells WebMD that his findings give him cause for concern: "We've seen little progress at all in improving access to care for these high risk groups. There needs to be a broad awareness in the public and among policymakers that lack of insurance remains a major public health problem.

good health were two to three times more likely to have health insurance than not.

Nike Huarache White And Peach

Meanwhile, in Washington, a small step toward greater women's health coverage is about to become law. President Clinton was expected to sign legislation by Wednesday that will permit states to expand Medicaid coverage to cover breast and cervical cancer treatment for some low income women. The affected women, those who are not poor enough to otherwise qualify for Medicaid, are currently eligible only for free cancer screenings.

Long term uninsured individuals were much more likely not to have had a routine checkup in the past two years, especially among the high risk groups of smokers, obese adults, binge drinkers, and those with diabetes. And they were much more likely not to have received heart risk reduction services such as blood pressure and cholesterol screening, or in the case of women, three times less likely to have had a mammogram. The same contrast between uninsured and insured applied to Pap smears within the past three years.

Nike Huarache White And Peach

Among the long term uninsured, nearly 70% of those in poor health and almost half of those in fair health said that costs had prevented them from seeing a doctor within the past year. The study also found that those individuals who reported excellent or very Air Huarache Girls

Ayanian said he supported a measure proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore to allow those aged 55 64 to "buy in" early to Medicare. That measure might, he said, both benefit the health Nike Huarache Nm Black/White

Lead researcher John Ayanian, MD, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, tells WebMD, "We found that the 'long term' uninsured adults, those uninsured for more than one Air Huarache Ultra Breathe

Nike Huarache White And Peach

Nike Huarache White And Peach

Ayanian's study was based on a 1997 98 CDC survey of 223,000 adults under age 65. The survey indicated that 14% of adults were uninsured in 1998; almost 10% were long term uninsured.

Nike Huarache White And Peach

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Sandra Fryhofer, MD, president of the American College of Physicians American Society of Internal Medicine, which funded the research, says it was "long overdue to dispel the myth that a lack of health insurance has no effect on a person's health."

Ayanian adds that the long term uninsured were also "more likely to report that they had gone without needed medical care because of the cost during the past year."

Oct. 24, 2000 (Washington) The long term uninsured have dramatically greater unmet basic health needs than those with insurance, according to research in Wednesday's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

of the near elderly care "and reduce some of the long term costs of the Medicare program."

Nike Huarache White And Peach

year, were much more likely than insured adults to have gone without routine checkups for major chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension."

Nike Huarache White And Peach

"We have to find ways to provide people with basic care," Ayanian adds. "Much of the long term benefits of medical care can be obtained from very basic services, like effective treatment of diabetes and hypertension."

Nike Huarache White And Peach

Nike Huarache White And Peach

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