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Nike Huarache Women White

Any other ideas how to handle this?

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My live in fiance is still fighting a nasty divorce that just won go away. Bozo ex wants her to pay him alimony even though he doesn need it and she can afford it. Courts probably won award it, but we need a strategy here to help the cause.

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I also don want the document, should it become part of court records, to jeapordize my homestead exemption (Florida very important tax benefits of homestead exemption). My concern on this front is that I am owner occupied, but if I move in a "border", would that violate the Florida Law that entitles me to a homestead exemption? I don know and I don want to learn the hard way.

Nike Huarache Women White

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I suggested that she sign a lease / roommate agreement with me agreeing to pay half of the Huaraches Air Womens

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I have a unique situation that I been trying to come up with the right "Lease" or "Roommate Agreement" for. Hopefully this is the right forum.

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Is there any tax code that applies to a roommate reimbursing the owner occupant for expenses?

We want the document to be binding should she need to show the court that she is contractually obligated to pay these living expenses, but at the same time I don want the document to create reportable rental income to me. After all, she just living with me and contributing her fair share of the expenses.

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total cost of taking care of my home, and she would actually write me the check every month.

Thanks for any good suggestions!

The best I come up with so far is an agreement that is titled simply "Agreement" and it outlines that she is reimbursing me for half of all expenses and I would invoice her for half of all the bills that came in each month related to the house.

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Unique Owner Occupant

Would a "reimbursement agreement" pass the sniff test with the IRS if it ever came up?

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there to be any possible inference that she has an equitable interest in my home at least not while she going Nike Huarache Women White through the divorce. I think I can handle the equitable interest concern with a simple clause in the document stating that the payments do not vest any interest in the property, but to avoid creating taxable income while still having a legally binding agreement, I struggling.

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Nike Huarache Women White

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